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The Alliance Civil Government was the civilian governing body of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


The Alliance Civil Government was established after the founding of the Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] around 2 BBY.[2]


The Alliance Civil Government functioned as many governments did, providing for the safety of its citizens, maintaining services, raising taxes, and maintaining diplomatic relations. It was one of two branches of the Alliance, the other being the Alliance Military which was responsible for prosecuting the war against the Galactic Empire.[1]

The Chief of StateEdit

The Alliance Civil Government was headed by the Chief of State, an elected dictatorship. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, Mon Mothma held the position of Chief of State. She had virtually unlimited authority over the Civil Government, although checks and balances were in place to ensure she did not overstep her position. Her decisions could be overturned by the Advisory Council with a two-thirds majority, in which case Mothma was required to step down from the position of Chief of State. The Chief of State position was up for election every two years. Each Allied Command had a single vote and the victor was elected by a simple majority vote.[1]

The Advisory CouncilEdit

The Advisory Council was a representative body that was comprised of members from the seven Allied Commands that had suffered most at the hands of the Empire. Membership of the Council was not sought by any Allied Command for obvious reasons. The Council's main legal authority was the approval or disapproval of the Chief of State's actions, and they had the power to oust the Chief from office if Mon Mothma overstepped her bounds. The Council also advised Mon Mothma on the courses of actions she planned to take.[1]

The Alliance CabinetEdit

The Alliance Cabinet was the body that turned Mon Mothma's directives into action. Each Cabinet member was selected for their abilities to get things done. The Secretary of the Cabinet was responsible for organizing the meetings of the Cabinet, and chairing the sessions when the Chief of State was unavailable to do so. The Cabinet was comprised of six beings: the Minister of Finance, who headed the Finance Ministry; the Minister of Education, who oversaw the Ministry of Education; the Minister of State, who led the Ministry of State; the Minister of Industry, responsible for the Ministry of Industry; the Minister of Supply, tasked with the running of the Ministry of Supply, and the Minister of War who was in charge of the Ministry of War.[1]

Allied CommandsEdit

The Allied Commands were the governments and Sector Commands allied to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1]


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