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"In all my centuries, you alone have merited my full attention. You leave your mark upon the galaxy wherever you act, just as I do."
Emperor Valkorion[5]

The Alliance Commander, also known as the Outlander, was a legendary champion of the Old Republic responsible for leading the Eternal Alliance against the tyrannical Eternal Empire and destroying the ancient dark-side entity Tenebrae.

The champion rose to renown as one of the Galactic Republic's greatest heroes across the Galactic War and, during the Revanite Crisis, led an incursion of the Sith homeworld of Korriban and reclaimed the fallen Jedi homeworld of Tython in turn. The champion soon established a grand coalition between the Republic and Sith Empire to oppose the Order of Revan's conspiracy to infiltrate the galactic governments and resurrect the former Sith Emperor Vitiate. Although the legendary Force user Revan and his armies were defeated, Vitiate's spirit fed off the battle and reawakened. The champion intercepted Vitiate on Ziost but failed to stop him from destroying the planet. The champion was eventually captured and brought before the hidden Eternal Empire led by Vitiate himself under the moniker and visage of the Eternal Emperor Valkorion. Valkorion's son Arcann used the opportunity to assassinate his father, whose spirit then co-inhabited "the Outlander," and seize control of the Eternal Throne for himself.

Arcann encased the Outlander in carbonite and conquered Imperial and Republic space with his unmatched Eternal Fleet. A strike team lead by the Sith Lord Lana Beniko and accompanied by a T7-O1 and Koth Vortena eventually rescued the Outlander and helped the champion discover the Gravestone—an unparalleled ancient superweapon. Although the Outlander and allies were nearly destroyed in an ambush by Arcann at the Asylum, they escaped and established the Alliance against Zakuul on the planet Odessen. Rallying Imperial and Republic remnants and amassing wealth and weapons, the Alliance soon grew to oppose the Eternal Empire. During the pivotal battle of Odessen, the recently dubbed "Commander," empowered by Valkorion's spirit and the teachings of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and Dark Councillor Darth Marr, defeated Arcann in combat. Arcann was spared, but the advanced artificial intelligence SCORPIO betrayed the Commander and seized the Eternal Fleet for Valkorion's daughter Vaylin—now the Eternal Empress.

Vaylin directed a vengeful campaign to locate and destroy the wayland Arcann and their mother Senya, eventually laying siege to the planet Voss, but the Commander's forces soon drove her away. A redeemed Arcann, seeking to atone for his past deeds, joined the Commander on the Eternal Empire throneworld of Zakuul and helped turn the public against Vaylin. Desperate, Vaylin attacked Odessen but was ultimately killed by the Commander. Without any to control the Eternal Throne, the Eternal Fleet went rogue and moved to exterminate all life. The Commander led the Alliance to triumph over the Eternal Empire's remnants on Zakuul and secure the Throne, pacifying the Fleet. However, Valkorion's spirit revealed he had guided the Commander to defeat his children so that he could take over the champion's body and rule the galaxy as an heroic liberator. In a final clash of wills, the Commander, aided by Valkorion's own family and a mystical holocron retrieved from Nathema, banished the ancient entity into the void.

The Commander proclaimed a new era of galactic peace under the Eternal Alliance. However, the rebuilding Galactic Republic and Sith Empire soon jockeyed for control over the Six Gods of Iokath—ancient super weapons related to the Eternal Fleet and Gravestone. The Commander allied with the Republic and led a strike force to destroy the Six Gods. The fanatical Order of Zildrog, seeking to avenge the fallen Eternal Empire, later awakened another ancient superweapon—Zildrog. Although the Commander defeated the Order before it could wreak galactic havoc, the Eternal Fleet and Gravestone were ultimately destroyed. The Empire, emboldened with the return of the Sith champion Darth Malgus, invaded Ossus and Corellia but were decisively rebuked by the Commander and joint Republic-Alliance forces. The weakened Alliance soon dissolved and reorganized under the Republic. After discovering a final vestige of Valkorion's spirit remained, the Commander joined Satele Shan and many of history's greatest champions to destroy him once and for all.


A clash of destinies[]

Rise to power[]

The individual who would eventually become known as "the Outlander" was born in the decades prior to the Galactic War. The Outlander first became embroiled in the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, and, through extraordinary acts, rose through the ranks, becoming a leading figure in the war that later broke out between the two superpowers.[5]

About a year after the Conquest of Makeb, the Outlander investigated a conspiracy that reportedly existed within the ranks of both Republic and Empire, thought to be connected to two high-profile military commanders: Darth Arkous and Colonel Rian Darok. It was believed that the two of them had orchestrated simultaneous attacks on both Korriban and Tython, during both of which the Outlander was present. Teaming up with Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan and the Sith Lord Lana Beniko, Arkous' former apprentice, the Outlander traveled to the Selkath homeworld of Manaan to investigate the underwater Genetics Laboratory G-1 which both Arkous and Darok had visited. Shan alerted the Outlander to the location of Jakarro, a Wookiee smuggler imprisoned by the Selkath geneticist Gorima. The Outlander freed the Wookiee and his droid C2-D4 and together they discovered that Gorima had received Rakata technology from Arkous and Darok, and was using them to build self-repairing cyborg warriors for an "Infinite Army." Arkous and Darok revealed themselves to be working together and escaped in a submarine, detonating a bomb intended to sink and flood the facility, though the Outlander and the Wookiee escaped in a submarine and made it to the surface. Regrouping with Shan and Beniko, the Outlander learned their joint discovery that Arkous and Darok were both members of the Order of Revan, once believed to be a minor cult operating in the Empire, and now seeking to destroy both Republic and Empire to establish a new order.[6]

Legacy of Rakata

Lana Beniko, Jakarro and Theron Shan

Continuing their collaboration, Shan and Jakarro tracked Arkous and Darok to Rakata Prime, the homeworld of the Rakata and capital of their Infinite Empire. The Revanites were building their new Infinite army there based on Gorima's research and to stop them Shan and Beniko arranged for Jakarro and the Outlander to assault the Temple of the Ancients, while they provided tactical intel from aboard Jakarro's XS stock light freighter. Jakarro and the Outlander confronted the Revanite leaders on the roof of the Temple and were forced to kill them when it became clear they would not cooperate. After they were killed, a small fleet emerged from hyperspace, positioning itself in low orbit. After appearing himself before the Outlander and Jakarro team via hologram, the fleet's commander revealed himself to be none other than Revan himself. His Harrower-class dreadnought dropped out of hyperspace and bombarded the Temple of the Ancients, though the Outlander and the Wookiee made it out alive in Arkous' shuttle. Regrouping with their allies on Manaan, the Outlander discovered that the Revanites had used their influence in the Empire and the Republic to disavow Theron from the SIS and place bounties on Lana's and Jakarro's heads. The governments of both Republic and Empire had no knowledge of the conspiracy, as Arkous and Darok had effectively covered their tracks, and Shan and Beniko, now branded as traitors, were forced to go underground. The Outlander, being the only one who had not been implicated in the conspiracy, returned to the known galaxy to continue fighting in the war.[7]

In the guise of a pirate[]

Shae Vizla unmasked

Shae Vizla, the "Torch"

Several months after the incident on Rakata Prime, the Outlander discovered the coordinates of Rishi on their ship's navicomputer and opted to travel to the world. Upon arrival, the Outlander was treated as fearsome member of a pirate gang and eventually discovered that it was in fact Lana Beniko who had tampered with the navicomputer, as Beniko and Theron Shan had been investigating Revanite movements in the Outer Rim since the incident on Rakata Prime. After their associate followed the trail of breadcrumbs to their safe house, Theron and Lana revealed themselves and explained their current situation. They needed to manually slice the files on the Nova Blades' base of operation while avoiding drawing the Revanites to themselves, hence the masquerade to make it look like a common pirate rivalry. Theron and Lana sent the Outlander, masquerading as the faux pirate gang, out to harass the Nova Blades, attacking their operations and slave camps and threatening the pirate' alliance with the Revanites. Eventually, they targeted the Blades' base at the crashed Aggressor, killing Commodore Dael Margok and recovering intel on Revanite agents. While Theron got busy decoding the intel, Lana sent the Outlander to meet with Shae Vizla, whose Mandalorian clan was formerly allied with the Blades and Revanites, to acquire more information, revealing that the Revanites had a fleet waiting somewhere on the planet.[1]

Jakarro Lana and Arankau

Arankau welcomes Jakarro, Lana and their ally to his village.

When the Outlander returned from their excursion to Vizla's Tracyn Island, they learned from Jakarro that Beniko allowed Theron to be captured by the Revanites. Beniko then realized that by changing the hyperlanes the Revanites were drawing the Empire and Republic fleets to Rishi, luring them both into an ambush. Thankfully, by that time C2-D4 decoded that the Revanites were based on the Sky Ridge Island nearby and suggested taking up lodging with the Rishii village based there. The trio traveled there and met with the local Chieftain named Arankau, who allowed them to stay in the village. Beniko stayed behind to help with slicing, sending the Outlander to scout the Revanite camps. Learning that Theron Shan was being kept at their main base, the Outlander went on the rescue mission, though Shan was able to escape the captivity by himself. He then revealed Revan's plan: upon both fleets' arrival at Rishi, Revanite sleeper agents on both sides would sabotage key systems while the signal jammer on the ground would prevent the fleets from coordinating, at which point the Revanite fleet would move in and massacre the survivors. With his plan exposed, Revan set his stronghold to self-destruct, but Lana remotely aborted the sequence thanks to the slicing tricks she picked from Theron.[1]

Shadow of Revan[]

Revan at the Temple

Revan's dark half remained determine to revive the Emperor.

With the signal jammer protected from slicing and aerial bombardment, the Outlander quickly moved in to deactivate the signal jammer, enabling communication with the fleets and revealing to them the Revanite conspiracy. Theron Shan uploaded the identities of double agents, resulting in their impromptu detainment.[8] Grand Master Satele Shan and Darth Marr, who commanded both fleets, agreed to meet in Raider's Cove to discuss a temporary truce so they could deal with the threat posed by Revan. Both Republic and Imperial sides agreed to form a temporary truce to stop Revan from resurrecting the Sith Emperor, who was intending to consume all life in the galaxy, and formed a temporary coalition that made their way to Yavin 4, where Revan planned to enact his endgame.[9] The coalition forces established a staging area on Yavin 4 and apprehended the Imperial Guard Commandant Iven. While on Yavin 4, the Outlander met a mysterious Force spirit claiming to be Revan. As their situation became clear and the time drew to a close, the coalition forces overcame their vast differences and worked together to storm the Temple of Sacrifice and stop Revan's ritual.[1]

Revan team

Revan becomes one with the Force.

As it turned out, the spirit was Revan's light half, the physical man being an embodiment of his darker personality. It was revealed that Revan was attempting to resurrect the Sith Emperor in an attempt to destroy him in a weakened corporeal form, which would end him once and for all. Knowing that he was delusional and understanding that the Empire's former leader, if brought back, could not be defeated conventionally, the Outlander led the coalition on one last assault on the Forgotten Terrace at the Temple of Sacrifice, where Revan planned on bringing the emperor back using an ancient artifact. The Outlander stood side by side with Lana Beniko, Darth Marr, Satele and Theron Shan, Jakarro and Shae Vizla, who together managed to defeat Revan, who finally agreed to join with the spirit to make his soul whole once more. Despite Revan's defeat the Sith Emperor was nevertheless able to return to life, feeding off the lives taken by Coalition forces during the fighting on Yavin 4.[1]

Crisis on Ziost[]

Republic Navy over Ziost

Republic Fleet arrives to Ziost.

Some time later, the Outlander was contacted once more by Lana Beniko and Theron Shan, who urged them to visit the Sith world of Ziost in order to investigate an anomaly in which the planet's civilians seemed to be acting in a mindless manner. As it turned out, Vitiate had infected the minds of Ziost's populace, including the Jedi of the Sixth Line send by Theron to investigate the initial reports. The Outlander killed possessed Jedi Master Garault, after which Beniko approached them and explain the current situation. She assigned her assistant Rane Kovach to help the Outlander in shutting down the Orbital Defense Command Center, where they met with Theron Shan, whose shuttle crashed on the planet. Learning that Shan knocked out Vitiate's puppets who came after him by overloading his shuttle, Kovach came up with a plan to free the soldiers from Vitiate's control by knocking them out with an electrical charge and departed for New Adasta. Theron then received a priority holocall from Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who initiated an Invasion of Ziost, giving Vitiate more pawns to control.[10]


Possessed Sixth Line Jedi

After Kovach's plan to use the electrical dampeners in New Adasta failed, Beniko came up with an alternative and contacted Theron and the Outlander for help. Theron modified New Adasta's electrostatic weapon designed to counter major civil uprisings to be non-lethal, while the Outlander played on Vitiate's ego, drawing many of his pawns to New Adasta People's Tower. Shielding himself and the Outlander, Theron activated the weapon, which knocked out all of Vitiate's puppets except Master Surro, the Sixth Line commander and the last remaining Jedi under Vitiate's control. Possessing Surro's body, Vitiate incapacitated both Theron and Lana, though the Outlander was still able to free her after a prolonged fight.[11] After evacuating as many civilians as possible, the Outlander witnessed as Vitiate performed his ritual that consumed the entire planet to fuel his strength, turning it into a ravaged, ashy wasteland. The former emperor then fled deep into Wild Space.[12]

Hunt for the Emperor[]

"You claim to have come all of this way to find me. Here I am. What do you want?"
Arcann meets Outlander

The Outlander meets Prince Arcann.

In the days following the Sith Emperor's return, things began escalating quickly throughout the galaxy. As the Galactic War continued to ravage various star systems, it was rumored that a pair of twin conquerors had emerged from the depths of Wild Space to bring both Republic and Empire to their knees. They successfully attacked as far into Sith space as Korriban, which they nearly annihilated. In an attempt to bring an end to the former Sith Emperor once and for all, the new Imperial leader Darth Marr organized a small fleet of both Republic and Imperial warships to participate in an excursion deep into Wild Space. Already aware of the Outlander's abilities due to previous collaboration, he recruited them to help him on the expedition. As they began closing in on the Emperor's reported location, the fleet was attacked by a seemingly infinite Eternal Fleet, belonging to the never-before-seen Eternal Empire. Unable to fight back, Darth Marr's flagship was destroyed, with only so many survivors, while Darth Marr and the Outlander who were taken captive by Prince Arcann, son of the leader of the Empire of Zakuul, Valkorion.[5]

Valkorions body dies

Shockwaves erupt from the death of Valkorion's body.

Captured by Arcann, the Outlander and Darth Marr were brought before Emperor Valkorion, the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire, who revealed that he was, in fact, the Sith Emperor's current form, having built up Zakuul in secret just as he had the Sith Empire, which he now viewed as nearly as weak as the Republic. Valkorion released Marr, offering him a chance to kneel, but the Dark Lord refused and attacked and killed several of Valkorion's Knights of Zakuul before the Emperor instantly killed him with a blast of Force lightning. Valkorion's daughter Vaylin then had the throne room cleared of everyone save the Emperor himself, Arcann and the Outlander. Valkorion stated that the Outlander's deeds has earned his attention and offered to share his empire in exchange for their allegiance. Leading to his son Arcann attempted to assassinate him, but during the struggle Valkorion's spirit invaded the Outlander to use as a new host, knocking them out. After Valkorion's physical body died, Arcann as the new Emperor ordered the Outlander to be imprisoned in carbonite on the grounds of assassination.[5]

A Dream of Empire[]

Valkorion in the mindscape

Valkorion converses with the Outlander inside the carbonite prison.

The Outlander was subsequently frozen in carbonite on Arcann's orders, who had sensed his father's spirit inhabiting the Outlander's body. However, the carbon freezing process was imperfect, poisoning the Outlander, though Valkorion's presence preserved their life. Valkorion then appeared before the Outlander in their mind and attempted to sway them to his ideals, claiming that the Outlander had the potential to be as powerful as he was and that the current galactic institutions were unworthy of them. In doing so, Valkorion revealed his intention to retake his Eternal Throne from his children, whom he was unable to stop alone. He then revealed to the Outlander that years had passed while they slept, during which the Eternal Empire had subjugated the galaxy. They both noticed Valkorion's daughter Vaylin looking directly at the Outlander, whom she struck in the chest with her lightsaber.[13]

The Fallen Empire[]

Release from carbonite[]

The Outlander 4

The Outlander is released from carbonite.

Five years after the assassination of Valkorion, Lana Beniko finally learned that the Outlander was frozen in carbonite and kept by Arcann in a secured vault that housed his most prized possessions. Beniko mounted a rescue mission and[14] in 3631 BBY[15] she with the astromech droid T7-O1 infiltrated the Spire of Zakuul while her other allies Koth Vortena and HK-55 waited in the shuttle that served as their escape route. Unfreezing the Outlander, Beniko quickly administered an antidote. Almost immediately they were attacked by Skytrooper guards and with no time to explain the full situation, Beniko escorted the Outlander to the extraction point while T7-O1 went a separate route to generate false alarms in other sectors. Their escape discovered, the two ran away from High Justice Vaylin, an extremely powerful Force user.[14]

Vaylin and Sun Generator

Vaylin damages a Sun Generator to stop the escapee.

Attempting to cut off their escape route, Vaylin destabilized a Sun Generator, forcing Beniko and the Outlander to make their way through a Skytrooper factory. The generator threatened to explode, taking innocent lives, and the Outlander took a detour to disable it despite Beniko's protests. With Vortena having problems with their escape shuttle, Beniko and the Outlander had to hold their ground against a couple of Knights of Zakuul named Novo and Tanek, after defeating whom they were cornered by Vaylin. Beniko prepared to sacrifice herself to buy the Outlander time for escape, but instead they were picked just in time by HK-55 and Vortena in their shuttle.[14] Vaylin caused damage to the shuttle as they escaped, which required Vortena to put in down, crashing in the Endless Swamp. Beniko stayed behind with Vortena to hide evidence of their crash-landing while the Outlander and HK-55 went ahead to investigate a large technological object detected by the droid.[16]

HK-55 and Koth Vortena

Koth Vortena and the others repair the Gravestone.

When they reached the object, HK-55 informed everyone that it was not native to Zakuul and Vortena quickly identified it as the Gravestone, the legendary starship that single handedly stood up to the Eternal Fleet. Leaving Vortena to work on the ship, Beniko and the Outlander ventured back into the swamp to locate fresh drinking water. Beniko used this opportunity to bring the Outlander up to speed on the past five years of galactic events and the current state of the major organizations. She also confessed that she felt an unfamiliar presence within the Outlander, who shared the suspicion that Emperor Valkorion was still alive within their mind, an act of honesty which Beniko appreciated. The Outlander then accompanied Vortena back into the swamp to locate the parts ditched from their shuttle that were now essentially to get the ancient vessel airborne again. Vortena used this opportunity to bring the Outlander up to speed with his past in Zakuulan military, thanking the Outlander for preventing the sun generator from causing destruction in the Spire.[16]


Lana Beniko faces the attacking Skytroopers.

After inviting some Zakuulan exiles on board their new vessel, the Outlander returned to the Gravestone and got working alongside the rest to repair it, eventually restoring major systems to working conditions. The Outlander then ventured into an area of the ship called the Dark Sanctuary, where Valkorion appeared before them as a Force ghost and promised to share his power with the Outlander. Their position discovered by Skytroopers and Zakuulan Knights, the Outlander and Beniko rushed to defend the ship as Vortena prepared for takeoff. Beniko's ally Senya Tirall arrived to join the defense of the Gravestone mid-fight, in which the Knights used Zildrog's Wedge to isolate Beniko. Valkorion stopped the time and offered the Outlander to use his power to save the Sith, claiming her death was certain otherwise.[17]

Senya Tirall and HK-55

The Outlander's new allies, Senya Tirall and HK-55

The Outlander refused and Beniko suffered only a surface wound, and Koth and HK-55 arrived to finish off the last of Zakuulan forces. With more on their way, the group set to getting the Gravestone off the ground, with the Force-users using the Telekinesis to raise the ancient ship from the swamp. As everyone got on board and the ship left the atmosphere, the Eternal Fleet appeared to intercept them, only for the Outlander to fire the Gravestone omnicannon, destroying more than two dozen Eternal Fleet warships in a single shot and enabling the Gravestone to jump into hyperspace. Hostilities soon erupted on the bridge as Koth and Senya's history prevented them from working towards a common goal. The vessel suffered damage, so the group decided to make a stop at the Asylum shadowport for repairs.[17]


Tora on Asylum

Tora argues with Tanno Vik.

The Gravestone limped to the shadowport and docked at the Asylum, where the Outlander was introduced to Vortena's crew, which included Len Parvek and former Republic Sergeant Ralo, who remembered the Outlander from the first skirmish with the Eternal Fleet. Beniko and Tirall went to contact their allies separately, and Vortena asked the Outlander and HK-55 to search for his engineer Tora, who did not return from a supply run to the Free Zone. After fighting through the local gangs, the Outlander and HK-55 found Tora in a heap of trouble with Tanno Vik for attempting to steal thermal detonators from him and insulting his mother. After resolving the situation, and sending Tora back to the Gravestone, the Outlander and HK-55 proceeded to their rendezvous point with Senya. Senya opened for them the secret entrance, upon entering which HK-55 was hit by an electromagnetic pulse that disabled him and wiped his short-term memory.[18]

Heskal watching

Heskal observes the Outlander's trials.

Senya explained to the confused Outlander that the Scions of Zakuul, led by Heskal, wanted to meet with only the two of them to determine whether they would join the Outlander's rebellion against Arcann. Heskal explained that for some reason the Outlander remained a blind spot in the Scions' visions and they had to understand the Outlander's role in the events to come before any talk of cooperation. Senya joined the Outlander in persevering through the Scions' trials, and they were engaged in combat by Scions and had their intentions questioned by Heskal, who insisted that Arcann and Vaylin had to die for their slaughter of the Scions. Still unable to perceive the Outlander's fate, Heskal knocked out Senya and engaged the Outlander one-on-one, though Valkorion offered his power once again.[18]


Heskal duels the Outlander.

The Outlander emerged victorious and stood over defeated Heskal, while Senya pleaded not to harm him, insisting that they needed the support of the Scions. At that moment, the sanctuary was stormed by Hk-55, Lana Beniko, Koth Vortena and his crew, who demanded that the Scions stand down. Heskal ordered his men to put away their lightsabers and asked the Outlander a final question about their intentions for the galaxy after Arcann's defeat. After the Outlander gave the answer, Heskal shocked everyone by revealing that the reason why the Scions could not see the Outlander's future was because Valkorion had survived within their mind. The revelation excited Koth, who believed that Valkorion's survival meant salvation for Zakuul, while Lana stated that the Emperor was a threat to all life everywhere. As the Outlander prepared to leave the enclave, Senya confessed her ulterior motive for including herself in the trials, revealing herself to be Arcann and Vaylin's mother.[18]

The Lady of Sorrows[]

Koth argues with Lana

Koth argues with Lana after Senya's revelation.

Everyone returned to the Gravestone, where Koth again expressed hostility at Senya for withholding information. The argument was interrupted by HK-55, who relayed a message from T7-O1 on Zakuul, informing them that the information broker known as "Lady of Sorrows" wished to have a dialogue with the Gravestone's computers. Beniko deemed bringing the "Lady of Sorrows" worth the risk, and Senya Tirall volunteered to accompany the Outlander back to the Old World of Zakuul in a shuttle. Before they departed, Beniko asked the Outlander to act as an example for Koth and Senya to cooperate. Upon arriving to Zakuul in a shuttle, Senya puzzled the Outlander by singing a song, in spite of the fact that they were headed into hostile territory, after which she relayed to them her family history. After meeting up with T7-O1, Senya went to meet with her contact Reg in the Platform 6 cantina, while the Outlander and T7-O1 gathered additional information. However, the Knights were not welcome in the Old World and Reg set Heralds of Zildrog on Senya, who held her own against the three attackers until the Outlander arrived and helped her finish them off.[19]

Senya Tirall focused

Senya Tirall accompanied the Outlander back to Zakuul.

Afterwards, Senya confronted Reg, who explained that the Heralds made a deal with Arcann: in exchange for the Knights keeping out of the Old World, the Heralds would keep crime levels down. Senya demanded to know where to find the Lady of Sorrows, but Reg refused, so Senya had to use the Force to demand answers of him, and Reg gave up, pointing Senya and the Outlander to one of the Lady's business partners, Mona Gale. Senya and the Outlander found Gale at the Market Station, taking bets on Arena Grand fights. Senya asked Gale on how to contact the Lady, just as a public broadcast from Arcann labeled Senya and the Outlander as dangerous fugitives. This unintentionally gave them some street clout, as Gale admitted that she didn't know how to contact the Lady, but suggested they go to the Heralds in Breaktown to get a meeting with her. Senya and the Outlander traveled to Breaktown, but just as they were about to enter the Heralds' lair, they were interrupted by Koth Vortena, who learned of their destination from T7-O1 and decided to follow. Koth insisted that the Heralds' leader, The Exalted, detested Knights and wouldn't talk to Senya, arguing that he should accompany the Outlander instead.[19]

SCORPIO Lady of Sorrows

SCORPIO, the Lady of Sorrows

The Outlander made their decision and took one of them to meet with the Exalted, while the other was ambushed and brought to the Lady directly. Unfortunately, the Exalted refused to cooperate, claiming that Arcann's fall was not the Outlander's responsibility, and was about to order his Heralds to open fire on the Outlander, but was interrupted by a holocall from Lady's Nautolan aide Thea, who told them that the Lady wished to meet the Outlander unharmed and revealing that she had the Exalted's son Brennen hostage. She invited everyone to the Razor, but the Exalted ordered his Knights to kill the Outlander just as he departed. The Outlander prevailed and followed him, but was confronted by Novo and his new partner Balisk, who wanted to avenge Tanek's death. After defeating them, the Outlander entered the base of operations of the Lady of Sorrows, who was revealed to be an advanced Artificial intelligence calling herself SCORPIO. She killed the Exalted and his Heralds and agreed to accompany the Outlander, departing Zakuul alongside Koth and Senya.[19]

Battle of Asylum[]

Gravestone crew

SCORPIO joins the Gravestone crew.

On Asylum, SCORPIO requested full access to the Gravestone systems, promising to enhance the vessel's parameters, but everyone was hesitant on allowing her to do so. Koth Vortena instructed SCORPIO to focus on the hyperdrive first, which she deemed an acceptable arrangement, while Lana Beniko recognized SCORPIO as a former Imperial Intelligence operative, informing the Outlander to remain wary about her. While SCORPIO set to work on the Gravestone, Beniko informed the Outlander of her Imperial and Republic contacts, who were willing to join their resistance against the Eternal Throne. The Outlander was then summoned by Heskal back to the Scions' hideout, and Beniko advised them to be cautious around Scions, calling the zealots unpredictable.[20]

Arcann in the Hideout

Arcann surprises the Outlander in the Scions Enclave.

The Outlander returned to the Scions Enclave along with T7-O1, finding the bodies of the Scions lying at Heskal's feet, before Heskal himself was stabbed from behind by Arcann. Arcann then explained that Heskal revealed the Outlander's location directly to Arcann in accordance with a prophecy that he had. He offered a deal, requesting that the Outlander return to carbonite until Arcann could exorcise his father from their mind and surrender the Gravestone, promising that the crew could leave peacefully. However, Valkorion warned the Outlander that Arcann would betray them and a fight between the two ensued. The Eternal Fleet emerged from hyperspace and opened fire on the shadowport, and a shuttle shot down by SCORPIO with the Gravestone cannons crashed into the Scions hideout, allowing the Outlander to escape the fight with Arcann.[20]

Senya Tirall 6

Senya confronts Vaylin.

Receiving a call from Beniko, the Outlander and T7-O1 rushed back to the Gravestone, coming across a trio of Zakuul Knights who carried mortally wounded Heskal. Heskal confirmed to the Outlander that Arcann was telling the truth, and with his dying breath stated that he had seen the future and that it was wonderful to his eyes, before expiring. The Outlander and T7-O1 returned to the Gravestone, where Beniko informed them that Arcann's forces had taken control of docking clamps keeping the Gravestone in place. Their position was besieged by Eternal Empire forces led by Vaylin, but Senya intervened and engaged her daughter, allowing Beniko and the Outlander to retreat and reunite with Koth Vortena. Beniko volunteered to hold a choke point so that Vortena and the Outlander could reach the Control Spar and disable the docking clamps keeping the Gravestone in place.[20]

Arcann falls

The duel ended with Arcann falling from the Control Spar.

Vortena piloted a shuttle with himself and the Outlander to the Control Spar, asking the Outlander about Valkorion along the way. After reuniting with HK-55 and killing Captain Lazna Delothrea, Vortena and the bodyguard droid stayed behind to hold off a battalion of Zakuul Knights. Meanwhile, the Outlander reached the Control Spar and released the docking clamps, but was once again attacked by Arcann, who destroyed HK-55 seemingly beyond repair. Valkorion offered to share his power once again, but was refused and the Outlander was stabbed by Arcann's lightsaber. Despite suffering a great physical toll, the Outlander survived and escaped the confrontation with Arcann alive, returning to Gravestone by shuttle just as the vessel was taking off. The ship escaped from the Eternal Fleet to hyperspace, just as the Outlander collapsed from sustained injuries. The Outlander awoke sometime later and was informed by Beniko that HK-55 was indeed destroyed seemingly beyond repair.[20]

Commander of the Alliance[]

Foundations on Odessen[]

Eternal Alliance

The formation of the Alliance

The Battle of Asylum served as a rallying cry for those who wished to oppose Arcann, and Beniko called her multiple contacts from the Sith Empire, the Republic and the criminal underworld to gather on the planet Odessen, a remote and unsettled world. There she laid foundation of an Alliance against the Eternal Empire and made the Outlander into the Alliance Commander, establishing the Alliance base on Odessen. Among those who joined the new Alliance was the Commander's old associate Theron Shan, who immediately started working on the big problems and assembled a team of specialists which included former Republic Admiral Bey'wan Aygo, famous smuggler captain Hylo Visz, Hutt scientist Juvard Illip Oggurobb and a Sana-Rae of the Voss Mystics.[2]

Koth Senya and Lana

Koth, Senya and Lana stood at the roots of the the new Alliance.

While the rest relaxed in the new Alliance cantina, Senya Tirall congratulated the Alliance Commander on the progress that was made, while musing about how many Scions followed Heskal to their deaths. Senya also revealed to the Commander that the circumstances of Thexan's death at Arcann's were told to her by Vaylin and became reaffirmed in her confidence that her children had to be stopped by any cost. After she left, Valkorion asked the Commander their thoughts on the path leading to this moment.[2] The Commander immediately took an active role in expanding the fledgling Alliance, working with Theron Shan and Miot Dengd in neutralizing Zakuulan Star Fortresses in orbits of Alderaan, Belsavis, and Nar Shaddaa, Hoth, Tatooine, and Voss.[21]

Theron and Lana

Lana Beniko brought in Theron Shan to broaden the Alliance network.

The Commander also actively pursued the leads on promising recruits provided by the Alliance specialists, recruiting such individuals as renowned scientist Eckard Lokin, Jawa scavenger Blizz, the leader of the Warstalkers Qyzen Fess, Sith Lord Xalek, failed Jedi Padawan Languss Tuno, Republic Provost Marshal Fideltin Rusk, Imperial Reclamation Service Lieutenant Talos Drellik, Dashade warrior Ak'ghal Usar, legendary smuggler Nico Okarr, Wookiee gladiator Bowdaar and a Gand Findsman Yuun.[21]

Anarchy in paradise[]

Firebrand on Zakuul

Alliance Commander meets the Firebrand.

Investigating potential allies, Theron Shan suggested that the Alliance should recruit "Firebrand," a known anarchist who independently operated on Zakuul for over two years. Though Koth Vortena was not keen on recruiting a terrorist, Theron and Lana both reasoned that Firebrand could provide valuable knowledge of Zakuul as well as connection to the populace. Theron accompanied the Commander to a meeting that was arranged for them by SCORPIO with a false promise of high-yield explosives. Traveling to the Spire on Zakuul, Theron and the Commander found Firebrand at an abandoned tram station, attacked by Skytroopers led by Security Commander Towen Sor. Dispatching her attackers, they approached Firebrand, who turned the blaster on her rescuers and introduced herself as Kaliyo Djannis.[22]

Kaliyo Djannis escapes Overwatch

Kaliyo Djannis improvises an escape from the Overwatch.

She agreed to consider the Commander's proposal in exchange for assistance with her current operation, and Theron let them go through with it, departing to meet a contact of his own. Together, the Commander and Kaliyo rigged ion grenades into Power Junctions 353, 754 and K-H82 throughout the Old World and Breaktown. Along the way, Kaliyo claimed that her only goal was to hit the Overwatch, from which the Commander could obtain the complete schematics of the Spire. Afterwards, the two went to wait in Kaliyo's apartment, detonating all three junctions at once during the power grid cycle, which knocked down the Overwatch security. They traveled to Overwatch in Kaliyo's speeder and stormed the facility, eventually reaching the control room where Kaliyo planted her explosives at the droid controls while the Commander downloaded the Spire's schematics.[22]

Kaliyo and SCORPIO

SCORPIO and Kaliyo Djannis reunite on Odessen.

Overwatch Administrator Tayvor Slen arrived with the skytroopers and attempted to stop them, but was defeated and mortally wounded during the fight. Before he passed away, Kaliyo mocked Tayvor's attempts to manipulate her and revealed that she used his daughter Alianna Slen to plant explosives around the city. Kaliyo then revealed to the Commander that she intended to not only shut down the droids, but also set off dozens of explosives around the Spire that would cause a mass panic and throw the Spire into chaos. The Commander convinced Kaliyo not to hurt the innocents and destroy only the droid controls, after which the two escaped the Spire and the Knights of Zakuul that arrived to stop them. Kaliyo traveled with the Commander to the Alliance base on Odessen and decided to stay with the Alliance. Around this time Arcann, trying to lure the Outlander out of hiding, ordered the Eternal Fleet reprisal bombardments of five inhabited worlds, reducing them to rubble and causing millions of deaths.[22]

Assisting Havoc Squad[]

Kanner and Torq

Alliance Commander meets the Havoc Squad.

Theron later passed on some of the Spire data to his former SIS colleague Jonas Balkar, who in turn provided it to Republic Special Forces Division Havoc Squad, convincing them take a leave of their official duties for a rogue operation on Zakuul. Knowing that he'd lose his connections in the SIS if Havoc was caught doing what was basically treason, Theron asked the Commander to travel to Zakuul again to assist Havoc in their operation. Their conversation with Havoc Squad led by Major Aric Jorgan in the Endless Swamp was interrupted when they were discovered by Zakuulan forces, and Jorgan ordered everyone to split up and meet at the arranged rendezvous point, teaming up with the Alliance Commander. While sniping off Skytroopers, Jorgan asked the Commander about their opinion on the Eternal Emperor Arcann before explaining how the Republic was descending into tyranny and decadence under ex-Chancellor Leontyne Saresh and her puppet Jebevel Madon.[23]

Major Aric Jorgan

Major Aric Jorgan

Witnessing civilians fleeing from skytroopers, Jorgan and the Commander rescued a group of Zakuulan exiles and stopped the droids from burning their homes before meeting with their leader Pashna Veyaad. Unwilling to leave civilians behind, Jorgan radioed ahead and ordered Havoc to prepare their camp for the refugees, while clearing the path for them alongside the Commander. Inside the camp, Jorgan ordered Kanner to get the refugees settled in and complimented the Commander for the lives they saved that day, telling everyone to get some rest. The next morning, Jorgan explained to the Commander and Theron Shan that their mission was to plant a wiretap on a listening post used by the Knights of Zakuul, allowing Havoc to spy on their communications.[23]

Dengril on Zakuul

Havoc Squad successfully executed the mission.

Requiring a big distraction for the attack, the Commander arranged one by the Alliance personnel and proceeded with Havoc towards the main objective. With the rest of the squad proving their cover, Jorgan and the Commander successfully infiltrated the outpost and planted the wiretap, but on their way out were surrounded by skytrooper reinforcements. Fortunately, Zakuulan exiles led by Pashna Veyaad came to their aid, taking off several shuttles worth of reinforcements with rocket launchers, allowing Havoc to pick off the remaining enemy forces. Their mission successful, Jorgan expressed to the Commander his desire to train the exiles into a proper resistance force. Along with Major Jorgan and Theron Shan, the Alliance Commander returned to Odessen, where SCORPIO combined the information from the listening post and the Spire's schematics and revealed the existence of the GEMINI frequency, the means by which Arcann controlled his Eternal Fleet.[23]

Visions in the dark[]

Valkorion as Force Ghost

Valkorion appeared to Commander as a Force Ghost, stopping time around them.

The Alliance later discovered the existence of a hyperwave relay station hidden ten kilometers beneath the Spire on Zakuul and connecting the Eternal Throne to the Eternal Fleet, but were divided on what to do when they reach it; Lana desired to slice the GEMINI frequency to learn Arcann's plans; Kaliyo wanted to take control of it; and Jorgan wanted to destroy it to sever Arcann's control of the Fleet. The Commander send Havoc Squad and Kaliyo Djannis on the mission, one of them providing a diversion for the other's main objective. Before the Commander could depart to lead them, Beniko suggested to contact Valkorion on how to best infiltrate the facility he had build. The Commander decided to do so in a secluded spot in Odessen wilderness, but Valkorion refused to part with any of his secrets to the Commander's annoyance.[24]

Valkorion in Odessen Wilderness

Valkorion converses with the Commander in the wilderness.

Without warning, Valkorion rendered the Outlander unconscious and upon waking up, the Commander attempted to contact the base only to learn that all communication had been cut. Valkorion revealed that he lured the Commander into the wilderness so they could experience what it meant to face death alone. After fighting past hostile shade stalkers, the Commander came face-to-face with Valkorion's Force ghost, who explained that he was disappointed by the Commander's lack of progress. Valkorion told the Commander that they had two destinies: in one, the Commander would defeat Arcann and claim the Eternal Throne to remake the galaxy; in the other, the Commander died alone and forgotten. They engaged in a fight before Valkorion overpowered his host and left the Outlander's mind to attend to his other plans, infusing his host with a portion of his power, which knocked the Commander out cold again.[24]

Satele Shan in exile

Satele Shan admits her failure in stopping Zakuul conquest.

The Commander later woke up in an unknown starship, which they soon discovered belonged to Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, who had been on Odessen for some time. Satele was revealed to be working with the Force ghost of Darth Marr and the two of them offered the Commander insight on Arcann and his Knights, who possessed a different view of the Force than Jedi and Sith. At their instruction, the Commander collected items around the valley before venturing into a dark cave, where they encountered and engaged Vaylin. After the Commander defeated her in battle, "Vaylin" disappeared, revealed to be nothing more than an illusion. Marr and Satele then explained that the illusion was a warning signifying that Arcann and Vaylin had an army at their command. Marr stated that Commander's current weapon was insufficient, and the Commander realized that all the items they collected were to construct a new weapon. The Commander proceeded to create it at a nearby altar, infused with pure Force energy.[24]

Marr Shan

Darth Marr and Satele Shan open Outlander to the new side of the Force.

Marr proclaimed that the new weapon would overpower Arcann and unite the galaxy, but cautioned that leading the Alliance was far different than the Commander's previous role in the Galactic War. At Satele's instruction, the Commander left the cave to find an oasis for their final trial, killing two young cave jurgorans, which angered their mother when the Commander arrived in the oasis. After the Commander resolved the confrontation, Marr and Satele left Odessen, experiencing a calling from the Force. The Commander then returned to Alliance base by scaling the cliffs and found that Havoc Squad and Kaliyo Djannis were already in the middle of the intended operation. But it quickly went south as the contact with the infiltration team was lost, prompting the diversion team to attempt a rescue. At that point, the Spire went into full lockdown with no transmissions coming in or out, making any rescue attempt all but impossible and leaving the Alliance leadership no choice but to wait.[24]

Raiding the Gilded Star[]

Gault makes an offer

Gault Rennow approaches the Alliance with a proposition.

While Lana and Koth went to relax in the Alliance cantina, Theron Shan informed the Commander that Hylo Visz wanted to talk to them. Hylo explained that the Alliance was strained on funds and invited the Commander to meet her ex, a Devaronian con artist Gault Rennow. Gault approached the Commander with a proposition to raid the Gilded Star, an Eternal Empire treasury ship hiding in the atmosphere of the gas giant Vandin. The Commander agreed to the plan and accompanied Gault to Vandin along with Lana Beniko, Theron Shan, Senya Tirall and SCORPIO. Arriving on the gas giant's Tibanna mining platform, Gault took the Commander to look for the hiding container Dretcher, an Anomid identity slicer.[25]


Gault recruits Dretcher.

Immediately recognizing Gault as Tyresius Lokai, Dretcher activated his battle droids and tried to rid of the Devaronian. However, Gault and the Commander easily destroyed the droids and though Dretcher's container boasted reinforced armor, Gault threatened to shake him to death with a sonic amplifier. Dretcher had no choice but to let the Devaronian inside and agree to do his job in exchange for finally getting Tyresius off his back. Gault and the Commander then went to the meeting with the Brekken Gang and its Captain Kenrik Fost. Asking to inspect his missile, Gault announced his refusal to pay for it and after the Niktos raised their arms, activated the warhead. The Nikto ran away trying to flee the blast radius, but Gault was unable to stop the countdown and it reached zero, only to reveal his Twi'lek partner Vette inside the missile, who had already removed the warhead beforehand. Gault then assembled the entire team at their hideout and laid out his entire plan to infiltrate the ship.[25]

Gault improvises escape route

Gault improvises an escape route when the real Valyin shows up.

Dretcher would the identity of High Justice Vaylin for her mother Senya Tirall, who provided a genetic match and required character knowledge and would take SCORPIO aboard as her "attaché droid." They would access the bridge and lower security, allowing Vette, Gault and the Commander to get on board and place the warhead inside the vault. When the Gilded Star came up for its annual resupply, the team moved in positions. Dretcher's holographic disguise worked, allowing Senya to get on board under the identity of her daughter. From the bridge, SCORPIO opened the way to the vault for Gault and the Alliance Commander, while Vette used her sneaking skills to disable the vault's security mechanisms. Inside the vault, Gault planted the missile warhead, which upon detonation vaporized its entire content of precious metals, while leaving everything outside the vault safe and intact. The vault's entire content of precious metals was then pumped into the tanker piloted by Lana Beniko and Theron Shan, while SCORPIO and Senya soon joined them.[25]

Kaliyo Djannis and Aric Jorgan

Kaliyo Djannis argues with Aric Jorgan.

Gault, Vette and the Commander encountered some difficulties when the only escape route left to them was to take the Skyhook down the way they came, but their path was blocked by real Vaylin, who arrived with an inspection. Determined to avoid confronting her, Gault suggested going outside on the ship's hull, where he received a call from Hylo Visz. His old partner positioned her shuttle next to the hull of the Gilded Star so that Gault, Vette and the Commander could jump off it directly onto her vessel, while the rest of their team left on board Beniko's tanker. Returning to Odessen, Gault and Vette expressed their desire to join the Alliance, but the celebration was interrupted by the return of Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo Djannis, who managed to escape Zakuul with a database on the GEMINI droids, although four of Havoc Squad's six members were lost in the process. Hoping to salvage the fiasco, Beniko ordered SCORPIO to analyze the data archive.[25]

Stealing GEMINI Prime[]

Shae Vizla during the raid

Shae Vizla, Mandalore the Avenger

SCORPIO revealed to the Alliance leadership that the GEMINI droids were based on her and were produced from a template called GEMINI Prime kept in a weapons factory on Darvannis. Obtaining the Prime could be the key to take over the GEMINI and the Eternal Fleet, but the Alliance did not yet have enough forces for a major assault. Theron Shan responded by calling in a favor to Shae Vizla, now holding the title of Mandalore the Avenger. The Commander traveled to Darvannis, where Vizla's Mandalorian clan was itching for both payback against the Eternal Empire and a chance to re-arm themselves with the spoils from Darvannis factory. Vizla's second-in-command Khomo Fett was dismissive of the newcomer, but the Mandalore gave the Commander a chance to prove themselves, pairing them with a scout Torian Cadera. Torian joined the Commander in capturing the perimeter guns and reprogramming them to target the weapons factory.[26]

Khomo Fett during the raid

Khomo Fett, Mandalore's advisor

When Breyer Chorn reported that he and his men were being overrun by Skytroopers, Torian stated that there was no honor and being killed by machines and attempted to target Chorn's location for an artillery strikes, killing the warriors along the droids, before being stopped by the Alliance Commander. Returning to camp, the Commander was informed by Vizla that the fighting would resume tomorrow after her troops had some rest, and the Mandalorians held a Kote ky'ram for their fallen comrades. The next morning, Torian again joined the Commander in neutralizing the enemy forces at the Zakuulan listening post in preparation for the main assault. In there, Beniko contacted the Commander and passed on detailed schematics of the factory obtained by Theron to help with the assault, while also cautioning the Commander regarding a long-term alliance with the Mandalorians, comparing them to wild animals craving violence. With the factory's power stations taken over by Clan Beroya and Clan Fett warriors, Shae Vizla gathered the warriors to rally them before the final assault.[26]

GEMINI Prime is released

The Alliance Commander retrieves the GEMINI Prime.

The main Mandalorian force moved into the factory to claim as many weapons as possible, while Torian accompanied the Commander on a mission to secure the GEMINI Prime. Inside the factory, Torian revealed that he overheard the previous conversation between the Commander and Lana Beniko and insisted that the Mandalorians were not animals, but warriors with a sense of honor. The Commander located the GEMINI Prime and established a link with SCORPIO, which piqued the Prime's curiosity. The Commander successfully removed the droid from her alcove, while the Mandalorians retreated from the factory. In the aftermath of the battle Torian asked the Mandalore to join the Alliance as her representative, and after his request was granted, traveled to the Alliance base on Odessen along with the Alliance Commander. With GEMINI Prime in her possession, SCORPIO analyzed the template and easily cracked the droid's internal protocols due to their similar designs. SCORPIO explained to the Commander that by plugging the Prime into the captain's console on any warship in the Eternal Fleet, she could take control of the entire network, and with it the Eternal Fleet. Identifying a lone warship scheduled to recharge its hyperdrive as their target, the Alliance moved to intercept it.[26]

The GEMINI deception[]

SCORPIO disables guns

SCORPIO remotely interferes with the warship's targeting system.

Vortena piloted the Gravestone to the location of the Eternal Fleet warship and stayed aboard to jam its communications and safeguard the GEMINI Prime. SCORPIO confused the vessel's targeting systems, allowing Theron Shan to take a shuttle with a strike team consisting of Beniko, Tirall, SCORPIO and the Commander inside its hangar. The GEMINI captain noted their presence before being distracted by SCORPIO, noting their physical similarities. She then activated a set of blast doors, separating the Commander and SCORPIO from Lana, Senya and Theron. While making their way to a rendezvous point, SCORPIO came across a data note and plugged herself in, establishing a direct link with the ship's GEMINI captain. She announced her intention to erase the GEMINI, but the captain overloaded SCORPIO's circuits and destroyed her chassis. This temporarily disrupted the Gravestone jamming signal, allowing the GEMINI Captain to inform Emperor Arcann of the intruders.[27]

GEMINI Deception

Senya arrives to assist the Commander.

Lana Beniko contacted the Commander and informed them of a change in the plan, sending Senya to escort the Commander to her and Theron's present location. The Commander informed Lana of SCORPIO's demise, which relieved the Sith Lord, who felt that the droid would be a problem in the future one way or another. When the Commander arrived, Lana explained that the ship was transporting prisoners for Arcann to interrogate: Imperial Admiral Zasha Ranken, Republic Senator Tai Cordan and Zakuulan holostar-in-exile Malita Tal. The trio was inspired by the Commander and had found each other in their search for the Alliance, forming an alliance of their own, but Arcann had captured them and was going to "interview" them on the Commander's whereabouts. Lana and Theron escorted the freed prisoners to the escape pods, while Senya and the Commander confronted and defeated the GEMINI captain.[27]

GEMINI Captain

The GEMINI Captain reveals her newfound free will.

Acknowledging her defeat, the GEMINI revealed that her clash with SCORPIO granted her free will, before she transferred her consciousness into the frequency and triggered the ship's self-destruct. With power fluctuating like crazy, Theron asked the Commander which escape pods to launch first, but was only able to launch two, while the third one exploded, killing everyone inside and devastating Theron. The Alliance leadership barely escaped the vessel destruction in time as Arcann and Vaylin arrived with the Eternal Fleet. The Gravestone escaped into hyperspace, while GEMINI Prime had completely shut itself down. SCORPIO then contacted the Commander and revealed that she faked her death, using the GEMINI network to transport herself to Zakuul, where she took control of the Eternal Throne.[27]

The Battle of Odessen[]

Gravestone fires

The Gravestone fires at the Eternal Fleet above Odessen.

Returning to Odessen, the Commander learned that a portion of the Eternal Fleet remained under Arcann's control. SCORPIO then called and explained that she revealed Odessen's location to Arcann, to test whether he would retake his throne or deal with the Commander and Valkorion immediately. With Eternal Fleet on its way, the Commander left behind some forces in case of a ground assault, while taking the fight to Arcann on the Gravestone. As the battle of Odessen began, Beniko determined that the only way to ensure safely of the Alliance was to annihilate Arcann's Eternal Flagship, disabling its shield and weapons. Lana, Senya and some others accompanied the Commander in the infiltration of the flagship, where after seeing her mother on the security cameras, Vaylin contacted them and revealed that Arcann was on the ship's bridge, while also luring Senya away from them to confront her personally.[28]

Arcann is defeated

Arcann is defeated by the Commander.

As they made their way to confront Arcann on the bridge, Lana was informed by Theron that the rest of the Eternal Fleet had turned on Arcann as well and now targeted Arcann's flagship to eliminate both him and the Commander in one fell swoop. Upon reaching the bridge, Beniko stayed behind to deal with a squad of Zakuul Knights, leaving the Commander to confront Arcann alone. Arcann claimed that his animosity was always about Valkorion, not the Commander himself, and demanded his father to answer him. A frustrated Emperor telekinetically forced the Commander to their knees and tried to strike them down, but the Commander unconsciously used Tutaminis to block his attacks; Arcann remarked that Valkorion's bond with the Outlander was stronger than he imagined. Arcann then engaged the Commander and conjured Force manifestations to assist him, while the Outlander picked up a discarded Knight's shield to absorb their attacks and bash Arcann. Ultimately managing to overpower Arcann, the Commander could deliver the finishing blow but falling debris as a result of the Eternal Fleet's barrage separated them and seemingly crushed Arcann, forcing the Commander to retreat before the flagship blew apart.[28]

Commander pursues Senya

The Commander pursues Senya's shuttle in a Zakuulan starfighter.

The Commander informed Lana that Arcann was finished, and Beniko and the rest of the infiltration team were in the hangar prepared to leave, though there was no sign of Senya Tirall. As the ship was coming apart, Beniko and her team commandeered a Zakuulan shuttle while the Commander narrowly escaped in a Zakuulan starfighter. On their way back to the Gravestone, Senya contacted them and revealed that she was alive and so was Arcann, whom she was taking away in the hopes of redeeming him. Vortena begged the Commander to shoot her down, but Tirall and Arcann escaped nonetheless. At point Theron Shan fired the omnicannon on the Eternal Flagship, creating a massive explosion that wiped out the present portion of the Eternal Fleet and winning the battle for the Alliance. Back on Odessen, Beniko assured the Commander that despite the betrayals they've endured, the Battle of Odessen had become the rallying point the Alliance needed for all the forces seeking to oppose the Eternal Empire, swelling their ranks and giving them the capability to repel future invasions. Valkorion also manifested himself before the Commander once again.[28]

The fight against Vaylin[]

Invasion of Voss[]

Invasion Voss

The Outlander's fleet arrives at the battle.

With Arcann gone, his sister Vaylin allied with SCORPIO and proclaimed herself the new Eternal Empress, carving a path of destruction across the galaxy in search of her family. Her search led her to Voss, where she launched an all-out attack to draw her family out of hiding. Theron Shan and Sana-Rae were onworld meeting a contact and were caught in the attack, signaling the Alliance to scramble the fleet. The Alliance fleet moved to intercept and engage the Eternal Fleet, while Beniko piloted a Zakuulan shuttle carrying the Commander and Torian Cadera with a squad of Mandalorian warriors down to the planet surface to break the siege of the capital city of Voss-Ka. Engaging Skytroopers throughout the burning city, Beniko and the Commander attempted to reach the northern city plateau before it was completely destroyed, then made their way to the Tower of Prophecy, where Theron Shan and Sana-Rae had been waiting for them.[29]

Valkorion on Voss

Valkorion speaks to Alliance Commander in the midst of the battle.

After defending their position from Vaylin's Horizon Guards, they received a holotransmission from Senya, who was at the Shrine of Healing hoping that the Voss Mystics could heal her son's body and spirit and pleaded for the Alliance's aid, believing Arcann would join their fight. Agreeing that Arcann had to be neutralized one way or another, Beniko led the Mandalorians towards the Shrine while the Commander and Theron separately rode Torian's walker Storm Rider through the Old Paths. Reaching the Shrine of Healing, Theron and the Commander met with Senya, who again begged them to let Arcann be healed, while Vaylin, learning that her family was all in one place, ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard the Shrine. The Commander ordered Lana and the Mandalorians to protect the Shrine to buy Senya time and collapsed a tunnel behind them to stop the pursuing skytroopers.[29]

Senya Tirall heals Arcann

Senya Tirall heals Arcann's injuries using Voss rituals.

By the time the Commander and Theron reached Senya's position, she had already ordered the Mystics to use her strength to heal her son in a Voss healing ritual, which let her comatose. Theron stayed to tend to Senya, while the Commander and Lana chased escaping Arcann to his shuttle, but were too late to stop his departure. By this point Vaylin has ordered the Eternal Fleet to burn her family regardless of casualties on Voss, but the battle was turned by the arrival of the Imperial fleet, which turned the Eternal Fleet away. Valkorion again stopped time and urged the Commander to pursue Arcann, kill Vaylin and claim the Eternal Throne. Sith Empress Darth Acina then greeted the Alliance Commander and invited them to Dromund Kaas to discuss a potential alliance against Vaylin.[29]

Dromund Kaas[]

Acinas shuttle

The Commander joins Empress Acina aboard her shuttle.

The Commander traveled to Dromund Kaas with Lana and Theron, arriving to Kaas City, where Valkorion lamented that he spend too long on this world that was not worth saving. The three were greeted by Gelmid Lorman, who introduced himself as the new Minister of Logistics when Beniko addressed him by his old title of Moff. Lorman escorted them to Acina, who insisted on speaking with the Commander privately on her personal shuttle. The Commander agreed, leaving Lana and Theron behind to keep an eye on Lorman. In flight and away from prying eyes, Acina stated that traditionalist Sith would not approve of the alliance she was offering and recognized Vaylin as the true threat. She assured the Commander that her offer of partnership was genuine, and that she had no intention of taking the Eternal Throne for herself.[30]

Acina before explosion

Commander's conversation with Acina was interrupted by an explosion.

Their conversation was interrupted by a sudden engine failure, requiring Acina to down the shuttle and abandon ship. Now stuck in the wilderness of Dromund Kaas with their comms mysteriously jammed, Acina suspected someone sabotaged her shuttle. She and the Commander were forced to contend with the planet's dangerous wildlife and lightning storms, traversing the terrain to the crashed shuttle in hopes of recovering the emergency beacon. A group was already waiting for them there and identified as the GenoHaradan, whom the Empress had always assumed to be a myth. The legendary assassins proved no match for the Alliance Commander and the Empress of the Sith, however, as the pair swiftly dealt with the assassins and located their camp. After clearing the camp, the Commander discovered a holorecording from former Republic Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who was revealed as the one who ordered the hit. Suddenly, a gunship appeared and opened fire, forcing Empress Acina and the Commander to take shelter in a nearby Sith tomb, where the entrance was collapsed by the barrage and Valkorion again remarked how these ancient resting placed of Sith Lords never truly held the secret of immortality.[30]

Alliance gathering

Alliance members gather to hear Saresh's speech.

As the pair descended further into the tomb's depths, the Empress and the Commander found the traitorous Minister Lorman, who was behind the shuttle sabotage, and a GenoHaradan strike team seeking to finish their job. After they dispatched the GenoHaradan, Lorman claimed to have Lana and Theron hostage and attempted to call his men, only to discover that his so-called hostages had dispatched them. Acina offered the Commander to decide Lorman's fate and Theron informed the Commander that Saresh was coming to Odessen in a bid to take over the Alliance. The Commander quickly traveled to Odessen, where Saresh was making a speech in front of the Alliance personnel. Upon seeking the Commander she panicked and tried to flee, but Beniko cut off her way of escaping and the Commander ordered Saresh imprisoned, to Theron's approval. Acina then contacted the Commander again with a formal offer on an alliance.[30]

Dark reunions[]

Vette reports signal

Vette reports a distress signal from the Gravestone.

However, even though Saresh was neutralized, the chaos she caused was used by SCORPIO and Vaylin to secretly board and take over the Gravestone. Koth Vortena escaped capture and provided the Alliance with his coordinates, with the Alliance fleet moving to intercept. Lana Beniko and the Commander infiltrated the Gravestone in a boarding pod and dispatched skytrooper patrols along their way to Vortena. Koth revealed to them that Vaylin's forces risked triggering the quantum bomb that he installed as a precaution against SCORPIO, and the Commander joined him in disabling the fuses, while Beniko provided distraction. After disabling several fuses, Vortena and the Commander reached the bridge, surprised to find it empty of Vaylin and her forces.[31]

The Outlander 10

Koth Vortena reclaims the Gravestone bridge.

Vortena disabled the bomb from the bridge console and told Len Parvek to get Tora and the rest of his crew to evacuate in escape pods. SCORPIO then contacted the Commander and revealed that she knew about the quantum bomb and manipulated Vaylin into leaving the bridge so that Vortena could disable it. SCORPIO also informed the Commander that Lana Beniko was cornered by Vaylin in the Dark Sanctuary, where the bomb was hidden. The Commander and Vortena arrived in time to save Beniko from Vaylin's lightsaber, but their fighting still triggered the bomb. The Commander engaged Vaylin, who was about to land a blow, when Valkorion intervened and stopped the time as he often did before, although this time Vaylin was able to overcome his restraint. She was about to strike the Commander when Valkorion uttered the phrase "Kneel before the Dragon of Zakuul," triggering her secret conditioning and making her powerless to strike. Unable to fight, Vaylin turned and fled, giving Vortena the chance to disarm the bomb while the Commander disabled the power relays to prevent its early detonation.[31]

Koth Vortena reveals quantum bomb

Koth Vortena successfully disarmed his own quantum bomb.

Just as Theron Shan brought Kaliyo Djannis, Aric Jorgan, Torian Cadera and Vette as reinforcements by landing an Alliance shuttle inside the hangar, SCORPIO took over control of the Gravestone, sending it towards an unknown location and locking the hyperdrive.[31] Converging on the bridge, the Alliance forces witnessed as the vessel jumped out of hyperspace in an unknown system, surrounded by the entirety of the Eternal Fleet. SCORPIO left the ship in her shuttle and contacted the Commander again, revealing that the GEMINI droids were not imitations of her technology, but were related to her, as well as the Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone. SCORPIO uncovered their point of origin in the Gravestone and brought them all there, thanking the Commander for assisting their journey and warning them that Vaylin and her remaining forces were sabotaging everything on the Gravestone. Vortena and the Commander rushed to the omnicannon, but in their absence Vaylin returned to the bridge and overpowered both Kaliyo and Aric Jorgan. She threatened to kill Torian and Vette, but was unable to hurt anyone before a blinding white light engulfed the ship.[32]


The Outlander 11

The Gravestone arrives at Iokath.

The Commander awoke on the surface of the strange world, unable to reach anyone from the Alliance and surrounded by hostile droids. The Commander investigated several technoliths, eventually learning from the hologram of ARIES that they were in the Selruvian biome of the artificial world designated Iokath. Torian then approached the Commander, explaining that he awoke in the same situation, and the two witnessed how the Iokath droids attacked the Knights of Zakuul, realizing that personnel from the Eternal Fleet was brought on-world as well. Theron Shan then contacted the Commander and Torian, directing them to a structure called the Tributary, where the rest of Alliance forces already had gathered. With everyone gathered in one place, the Commander checked on the Alliance personnel, eventually approaching Vette.[32]

Theron Shan aims blaster

Theron Shan gathered the Commander and others to the Tributary.

The Twi'lek showed the Commander her findings, getting ARIES to reveal a list of planets that the Iokath creators used to test their weapons, which turned out to include Zakuul. Their connection to ARIES was then interrupted by SCORPIO, who was imprisoned at an unknown location and asked the Commander for assistance. Their group's position came under attack from the droids again, and Theron Shan activated the force field that prevented more droids from coming in, but also trapped the Alliance inside. Vette interacted with the technolith again, trying to get ARIES back online, but opening a door deeper into the structure instead. She and the Commander went ahead to explore, eventually locating another technolith. Vette instructed the Commander on how to get the power to open the light bridge in their way, and explaining that they were in Necropolis, a giant crypt that housed millions of dead.[32]

Vaylin and ARIES

ARIES questions Valyin while posing as her brother Thexan.

SCORPIO contacted the Commander again, and revealed the history of Iokath, explaining that ARIES was controlling everything on Iokath, including their current condition, before a host of droids arrived to prove her right. The Commander and Vette fought off their attackers, but their access to both the technolith and the way they originally came in was blocked, requiring Vette to look for another secret tunnel. On their way back to the group, they came across another holonode, from which SCORPIO contacted the Commander again, alerting them that Vaylin had broken free and had located the Eternal Fleet, before notifying the two about a colossus droid that prepared to attack them. Vette noticed how the droid was drawing power from energy conduits and the Commander disabled them, allowing them to deactivate the droid just as the rest of the group caught up.[33]

The Outlander 12

The Alliance repairs the colossus droid.

Theron Shan realized that even though he was unable to locate the Gravestone, he could still use his cranial implant to remotely pilot the Alliance shuttle that was left in its hangar. To provide themselves with a distraction from the droids outside, the team repaired the colossus droid, leaving the Commander to pilot it against its much weaker, but more numerous brethren, while the rest went to the Tributary roof. The Commander dealt with the droids, but the colossus was damaged, requiring the Commander to eject. With everyone safely aboard the shuttle, Theron took off, but before they could leave, SCORPIO contacted the group again and revealed that ARIES raised an energy shield that would destroy any vessel attempting to leave. With ARIES recharging the weapon that incapacitated them in the first place and promising to use it again on a lethal setting, the only way out was to stop ARIES.[33]


SCORPIO saves the Commander from ARIES' last strike.

SCORPIO revealed the location of ARIES base and Theron dropped off Vette and the Commander there to deal with ARIES, while the rest went to reclaim the Gravestone. The Commander and Vette confronted and engaged ARIES, and SCORPIO herself arrived to help defeat him. She then lowered the energy shield and urged the Commander to escape before capacitors on ARIES' weapon overloaded, threatening the cover the entire world with a pulse of deadly radiation. SCORPIO announced her intention to upload her consciousness into the planetary network, essentially becoming one with Iokath. Since this would prevent her from threatening the Alliance or the galaxy again, the Commander allowed her to proceed and SCORPIO thanked them before forever leaving her droid body, while also sending to the Alliance schematics for upgrading the Gravestone with Iokath technology. The Commander and Vette rushed back to the Gravestone, which just barely escaped to hyperspace before the weapon overloaded, as did Vaylin with most of the Eternal Fleet. Returning to the safety of Odessen, Beniko assured the Commander that the Alliance was stronger than ever, with Gravestone secure and SCORPIO out of the picture, but Iokath remained inaccessible for the time being.[33]

Operation Dragon's Maw[]

Vaylin at the party

The Commander and Theron crash Vaylin's Grand Festival.

An opportunity to strike against Vaylin directly presented itself when Theron located an inside man on Zakuul. Indo Zal, an Alliance sympathizer and Vaylin's Magistrate of Revelry, informed the Commander about the upcoming Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin, where the Empress planned to execute a host of Zakuulan rebels. Theron vouched for Indo, who proposed to provide disguises and security clearances for the Alliance to infiltrate the party, then cause a revolt among the prisoners, causing enough chaos for the Commander to get close to Vaylin and activate her conditioning. Theron volunteered to accompany the Commander inside the Palace of the Eternal Dragon, while Lana and T7-O1 provided remote support from a shuttle that served as their getaway vehicle. Arriving on Zakuul under the guises of two Knights of Zakuul, Theron and the Commander got inside the Palace and met Indo, who provided them with Ion charges to be installed throughout the Palace so that they could be detonated at once and disable the rebels' shock collars.[34]

Redeemed Arcann

Arcann asks to join the Commander's side.

Theron and the Commander worked their way around Palace security, planting all six charges, after which Lana informed them that Vaylin was beginning her speech. Dropping their disguises, Theron and the Commander strolled into the main hall, where the Commander triggered the ion charges and activated Vaylin's conditioning, making her powerless to retaliate. However, their confrontation with Vaylin was interrupted by Arcann, who arrived with a group of his loyalists, intending to reclaim the Eternal Throne from his sister. Before retreating from the scene, Vaylin dropped the rebel prisoners and Indo Zal into the creature pit, and Theron and the Commander had to follow inside. After killing a Rancor named Junior, the Commander ordered Indo to retreat with the rebels, after which they and Theron went after Vaylin, who was fighting her brother on the balcony.[34]

Arcann comes to Odessen

The former Emperor joins the Alliance.

The arrival of Theron and the Commander interrupted the duel between siblings, allowing Vaylin to escape on a speeder bike. To Commander's surprise, Arcann was indeed healed on Voss and addressed them peacefully, no longer consumed by hate and anger. After Theron doubted his trustworthiness, Arcann assisted him and the Commander in the fight against the Horizon Guards who arrived to kill them. Arcann then offered to join the Alliance to atone for the blood shed under his reign, and the Commander agreed to take him in. Enraged at her brother's betrayal, Vaylin ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard the entire Palace to rubble, and Lana arrived with the shuttle just in time to get the Commander, Theron and Arcann to safety. Upon their return to Odessen, Arcann was initially treated as enemy by the Alliance personnel, many of whom suffered under his rule for years and joined the Alliance to oppose him in a first place. However, the Commander insisted that having the former Eternal Emperor on the side was good for both the morale and for putting additional pressure on Vaylin.[34]

Into the void[]

Valkorion reveals Nathema

Valkorion reveals the existence of Nathema to the Commander.

The bond between the Commander and Valkorion was growing stronger, allowing the Commander to glimpse Valkorion's memories of Vaylin's return to Zakuul after her conditioning on Nathema, and Valkorion suggested that Vaylin may have found a way to break her bonds in the place they were created. Vaylin had indeed vanished and Arcann confirmed that Nathema was a planet in the Chorlian sector, from where a transmission to Vaylin was detected during the Festival. With all signs pointing that Vaylin did indeed return to Nathema, Arcann stayed to watch over still comatose Senya, while the Commander, Theron and Lana went to stop his sister. Theron piloted the shuttle to Nathema, and Lana began feeling the effects of the Force void before even setting foot on the planet. Even Valkorion found his power diminished in this place, though he promised to shield the Commander and Beniko from its worst effects.[35]

Jarak escaping

Jarak helps the Commander and Lana escape the spreading influence.

Making their way through the planet's surface, left lifeless ever since the Ritual of Nathema over a millennia ago, the Commander and Beniko reached the Sanitarium, the only structure still showing signs of life on the planet, with Vaylin already inside. Dispatching several Horizon Guards, Nathema Zealots and Keepers, the two explored the inner workings of the Sanitarium, learning about Vaylin's past there from holorecording left by Anomid named Jarak. Meanwhile, the ritual to break Vaylin's bonds when out of control, with Vaylin's power vaporising those in her vicinity and Beniko and the Commander came upon Jarak, who offered to take them to a place where they could take shelter. In the Sanitarium's lower levels they reached the Immortal Emperor's Vault, where Valkorion stored artifacts even he deemed too dangerous, and barely got inside in time.[35]

Dramath inside the Holocron

The Commander finds Dramath's spirit.

With not even Valkorion having a power inside and finding the door stuck, Beniko and the Commander went to activate the backup power generator, while Jarak was killed by a Vault Guardian. Inside, the Commander and Lana made an important discovery of Dramath's holocron, which still housed the essence of Valkorion's father that he killed over 1300 years ago. Dramath told them that the holocron held the power to destroy Vitiate once and for all and the Commander ordered Beniko to take care of it, since as soon as they stepped outside Valkorion would have access to the Commander's body once again. Eventually unlocking the door that trapped them inside and defeating several Voreclaws, the two learned from Theron that Vaylin had already left the surface and escaped the Sanitarium, which now threatened to collapse. The Commander and Lana rushed outside, where Theron picked them up, but before they could rest, they learned from Bey'wan Aygo that Vaylin launched another assault on Odessen.[35]

Vaylin's downfall[]

Senya after coma

Senya rejoins the Commander after waking from her coma.

Returning to Odessen, the Commander, Theron and Lana found the battle already raging on multiple fronts. Theron volunteered to sneak behind the enemy's lines, while Lana and the Commander made their way to the Gravestone, which was still in dry dock, unable to take off until the Iokath upgrades were completed. Commandeering an Eternal Empire Walker, the Commander and Lana made their way through the front lines, eventually meeting Arcann and awoken Senya Tirall at the Gravestone, as it was finally able to take off. Lana went to join Theron, while the mother and son pledged their support for the Alliance cause once more and offered to stand by the Commander's side against Vaylin.[36]

The Outlander 15

Valkorion urges the Commander to finish Vaylin.

The Commander contacted Vaylin via a holo-call, successfully taunting her to abandon the safety of her flagship and travel to Odessen surface for a face-to-face confrontation. Holding an Alliance member hostage, Vaylin awaited on the Alliance landing platform as the Commander and Vaylin's family arrived to stop her. Her power raging out of control, Vaylin killed her hostage and caused a massive Force Storm, leaving the Commander no choice but to strike her down. As Vaylin lay dead, Senya and Arcann lamented her loss, but were relieved that the conflict was over. The fighting on Odessen was over as Zakuulan forces surrendered en masse, but the war was not, as with Eternal Throne empty the GEMINI Captains had gone rogue, bombarding the capital worlds of Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Zakuul into rubble. With claiming the Eternal Throne as the only way to stop the destruction, the Alliance leadership departed for Zakuul.[36]

Taking the Eternal Throne[]

Eternal Fleet blockade of Zakuul

The Eternal Fleet blockade above Zakuul

Catching some sleep on their way, the Commander experienced a vision of the Eternal Throne surrounded by their allies and Vaylin, who rose from the dead to strike them down. Waking up, the Commander ordered Lana to bring Dramath's holocron along, and Valkorion intervened again, dismissing it as a useless dusty trinket. Everyone then gathered on the bridge, where after dropping out of hyperspace, they witnessed the Spire blockaded by the Eternal Fleet, though Iokath upgrades of the Gravestone allowed Koth Vortena to breach the blockade. Senya and Arcann volunteered to accompany Commander to the Eternal Throne and together they traveled down to surface in a boarding pod that landed in the Garden of Izax. The three of them made their way to the Spire as the Eternal Fleet burned Zakuul around them, receiving unexpected assistance from Indo Zal and his Zakuulan rebels.[37]

Arcann and Senya in Eternal Throme Room

Arcann and Senya accompany the Commander to the Eternal Throme room.

Fighting through the skytroopers and Knights of Zakuul, they finally took a turbolift to the Eternal Throne, but Valkorion tried to seed doubt in the Commander's mind, telling him to strike down Senya and Arcann to avoid any competition for the Throne, though the Commander refused. After entering the Eternal Throne room, Arcann was taken aback at seeing his old Throne and lamented the death of millions he caused while holding it, while Senya assured him that he became a better man since then. The Commander took the Throne, which sent a shock through their body and pacified the Fleet. Senya congratulated them, but immediately afterwards Valkorion revealed his ultimate goal, forcing the Commander to kneel and proclaiming his desire to eradicate the Commander's mind and take possession of their body, shocking them into nothingness.[37]

The Outlander 16

The Commander in Valkorion's form

The Commander awoke inside their own mindscape, where they previously conversed with Valkorion during their carbonite sleep. However, the Commander was now wearing Valkorion's skin in a subconscious attempt to save their identity from being completely erased. Traversing the bizarre mindscape, the Commander cleansed their corrupted memories, realizing that Valkorion only pretended to abandon their body on Odessen and later absorbed Vaylin's spirit after her death, giving the Immortal Emperor the key he needed to conquer his vessel's mental defenses. Locating the mental image of Dramath's holocron, the Commander regained their identity, and Valkorion once again manifested in his usual image.[37]

Vaylin is released

The Commander uses Dramath's holocron to free Vaylin from her father's control.

The Commander tried to resist and Valkorion summoned Vaylin's enslaved spirit, placing her under his spell and commanding his daughter to destroy the Commander. The Commander battled Vaylin in the mental mindscape and prevailed, but Valkorion easily restored her spirit, after which the Commander used the representation of Dramath's holocron to free Vaylin from her father's mind control. At this point, Arcann has joined them inside the Outlander's mind by using the physical holocron located in the Eternal Throne room. The Commander and Arcann convinced Vaylin to join them against Valkorion, and the three of them attacked the Immortal Emperor. After toying with them for a while, Valkorion destroyed the holocron, claiming that nothing could stop him.[37]

Valkorions last attack

Valkorion lashes at the Commander for the last time.

However, since his spirit was now bound to Vaylin's and shared her weakness, the Commander used the phrase "Kneel before the Dragon of Zakuul" to turn the tables on Valkorion and rob the Emperor of his own strength. With Valkorion overpowered and weakened, Senya joined her children in the Outlander's mind and together the family watched the Immortal Emperor's final words and moments, until the Commander put a final end to his millennia-long existence. Back in the physical world, Senya congratulated the Commander on finally putting an end to Valkorion and opened a system-wide holochannel to announce the Alliance victory. The Commander then proclaimed the age of the Eternal Alliance, unifying the military of Zakuul and the Eternal Fleet with the cause of the Alliance, with the Eternal Throne moved to Odessen and the Eternal Fleet now under their control.[37]

The Eternal Alliance[]

Return to Iokath[]

The Outlander 17

Malcom and Acina address the Commander.

When the radiation levels on Iokath had subsided, Lana led an Alliance team to claim it for the Alliance. She contacted the Commander and Theron with a status report, which was interrupted by arrival of Imperial and Republic forces on Iokath, who were fighting for control over the superweapon. The Commander summoned the Eternal Fleet to Iokath, where contact with it was mysteriously blocked and Theron suggested to look for the source of the transmission on Iokath. After landing, Theron and the Commander went to the Fleet Spire to meet with Lana, who held two emissaries send by the Republic and the Empire—Captain Elara Dorne and Major Malavai Quinn—captive. Quinn represented Empress Acina, while Dorne was working Supreme Commander Jace Malcom. Both sides arrived on Iokath looking to claim the superweapon and both pleaded to the Commander to join forces against the other.[source?]

Supreme Commander Jace Malcom on Iokath

The Commander joined the Republic forces led by Supreme Commander Jace Malcom.

The Commander chose to ally with the Republic and helped defend their base against the Imperial assault, after which the Commander and Theron went into a weapons cache to retrieve Iokath weapons and knowledge on how to use them. Theron downloaded the files from an ancient console, learning that the superweapon was powerful enough to wipe all organic life on Iokath in distant past, in addition to ten trillion lives on other planets. When they reunited with Lana, she revealed to the Commander that the conflict was orchestrated by an unknown outside force, which leaked identical data regarding the superweapon to all three parties, luring them all to the same place at the same time. Since the Eternal Throne's control over the Eternal Fleet could only be sabotaged by an Alliance member, Lana suspected a traitor in their ranks.[source?]

Empress Acina is rejected

Sith Empress Acina's offer was rejected, which led to her death.

The Commander and Theron moved to prevent the superweapon's activation by Empress Acina, but they were unsuccessful, and the legendary Six Gods were awakened. With the control over the Eternal Fleet restored, Theron stayed behind to delay the superweapon activation, while the Commander went inside superweapon command point, assuming an Iokathi throne and witnessing Tyth, the first of Six Gods. Tyth revealed that a close companion of the Commander's was responsible for starting the war and awakening the Six Gods, hinting it to be someone consumed with anger and despair. While the Commander was plugged in, the Throne was sabotaged, and the Commander ordered the Eternal Fleet to fire on the droid, knocking it out of commission. The Commander was brought back to the Fleet Spire to recuperate, where with no way to narrow down the list of suspects, Lana asked them to approve full-time surveillance by an independent party, which Theron strongly opposed.[source?]

Crisis on Umbara[]

The Outlander 18

The Umbaran hovertrain

Eventually Lana found a trail of the traitor that led to the shadow-world of Umbara, where a transmission with the same encryption as the one from Iokath was detected from a hovertrain with a large stockpile of Adegan crystals. Lana Beniko, Theron Shan and the Commander travelled there and boarded the speeding train to intercept and stop the traitor, who was supposedly in the control cabin of the locomotive. After defeating an Umbaran Shadow Assassin, the three reached the empty cockpit of the train, where Theron revealed himself as the traitor. He locked the Commander and Lana inside the cabin and sabotaged the train's tracks, which would cause the train to crash into the side of a mountain, vaporizing the Commander, Lana, and the crystals. Bailing before the impact and surviving the crash, the Commander and Lana went after Theron on foot, while also fending off local wildlife. They caught up with Theron, but were unable to stop him before his shuttle left Umbara and were forced to contend with an Umbaran Spider Tank which covered Theron's escape. Returning to Odessen empty-handed, the Commander sent a galaxy-wide message on the HoloNet, speaking directly to Theron in regards to his treason, and ordered Beniko to use every resource at the Alliance's disposal to locate Theron.[38]

A traitor among the Chiss[]

Zenta is defeated

Syndic Zenta admits her defeat.

The Commander's message reached the right ears and Aristocra Saganu of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force arrived to Odessen personally, revealing that Theron was being sheltered on Copero by the rogue Syndic Zenta of the Inrokini family. To avoid a political conflict, Saganu asked the Commander to deal with the traitor personally, sending a Human Ensign Raina Temple with them to watch for Chiss Ascendancy interests. Arriving on Copero, the Commander and Temple fought their way through the Copero City, eventually engaged Zenta in combat Zenta inside her starship factory.[39]

The Outlander 19

Theron and Valss locate the map on Copero.

Defeated and subdued, the Syndic explained that Theron had betrayed her as well, using her Force-sensitive relative Valss to steal the location of a holomap by slicing into her personal datapad. The map had long been kept in secret on Copero and led to a superweapon of the Sith Emperor Vitiate. Having learned Theron's location, the Commander was about to continue their pursuit, but Saganu demanded that they take Zenta's life, claiming there would be no deal between the Alliance and the Ascendancy otherwise. Shan destroyed the holomap after learning the superweapon's location, but as he and Valss prepared to leave, the Commander and Temple arrived to stop them. Valss stayed behind to buy Shan enough time to escape, and the Commander struck the Chiss down, again returning to Odessen without Theron, although impressed by what she had witnessed, Raina Temple volunteered to stay with the Alliance.[39]

Chasing Zildrog[]

Lana Beniko on Abandoned listening post

Lana Beniko recognizes Theron's message by his encryption key.

Smugglers working for Hylo Visz eventually intercepted a message to the Alliance from an Abandoned Listening Post and the Commander went there with Lana to personally investigate it. They discovered that the abandoned station served as the Order of Zildrog's base of operation for months, and that the Order was able to watch the Alliance that whole time despite the regular security sweeps on Odessen. Holorecordings revealed that the Order was led by former Horizon Guard Vinn Atrius, who planned to awaken another superweapon from Iokath called Zildrog and use it against Odessen. However, a message entered just before their arrival also revealed a set of coordinates on Nathema, which Lana recognized as coming from Theron due to the unique encryption they developed together on Rishi. Forced to flee as the self-destruct mechanism was activated and completely obliterated the station, Lana and the Commander returned to Odessen just when the work of restoring the holomap from Copero was finished, revealing a location on Nathema that matched the coordinates left by Theron.[40]

Theron Shan surrenders to Lana Beniko

Theron Shan surrenders to Lana Beniko and the Commander.

To stop the Order's plan and deal with Theron one way or another, the Commander and Lana traveled to Nathema, where they were shocked to see once lifeless world overgrown with plant life. After dealing with several Nathema Zealots and escaped beasts from the Sanitarium, they reached the coordinates, where Theron approached them and revealed himself to be secretly working for the Alliance's interests the whole time. Everyone agreed that the Order should be stopped, and Theron led Lana and the Commander towards the Emperor's Vault under an ancient Sith Temple, where Zildrog was located. When they reached the Vault, Vinn Atrius and GEMINI 16 were already in the process of awakening Zildrog. Theron shot Atrius, but GEMINI 16 trapped the three of them in a force field and finished summoning Zildrog, allowing it to remotely take over the Gravestone that remained parked on Odessen.[40]

Vinn Atrius on Nathema

Vinn Atrius, the mastermind behind the Order of Zildrog

Controlling it through the Dark Sanctuary, Zildrog took the Gravestone into Odessen's orbit and repeatedly fired the omnicannon at the Eternal Fleet, which sat defenseless in the absence of orders from the Throne. Hylo Visz contacted the Commander and informed them of the crisis, but they, Lana and Theron were unable to do anything to stop Zildrog from completely annihilating the Eternal Fleet. Zildrog then targeted Odessen itself, but needed to recharge before the next attack, forcing GEMINI 16 to engage the Alliance directly. Lana, Theron and the Commander destroyed the last remaining GEMINI droid, and Theron attempted to shut Zildrog down, but was stabbed in the back by Vinn Atrius with a lightsaber pike. Atrius then ordered Zildrog to augment him with its power and attacked Lana and the Commander with his new increased strength.[40]

Vinn Atrius boosted by Zildrog

Zildrog empowers Vinn Atrius.

The two defeated Atrius and destroyed Zildrog, which also caused the self-destruct of the Gravestone and disabled the Eternal Throne. The Commander decided Atrius' fate while Lana tended to Theron's wounds, determining that he needed to be immediately brought to Odessen for treatment. Back on Odessen, Lana reported to the Commander that although Odessen suffered minimal damage with no casualties to Alliance personnel, the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet, two of Eternal Alliance's greatest weapons were gone.[40] Without them, the Alliance no longer possessed the military force to rival that of the Republic and the Sith Empire, who redoubled on their preparations for the inevitable renewal of open hostilities. Additionally, many Alliance members chose to leave and rejoin their original factions, their goal of toppling the Eternal Empire accomplished.[41]

Third Galactic War[]

Invasion of Ossus[]

Darth Malgus reappears on Ossus

Darth Malgus reemerges on Ossus.

Following the renewed conflict between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, the Commander decided to take part in the war. After discussing with Lana on which galactic power the Alliance should side with, the Commander traveled to the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa to meet with Jonas Balkar from the Republic to arrange an alliance, where they learned of a planned Imperial attack on a hidden Jedi Colony on the planet of Ossus. The Commander traveled to Ossus and fought alongside the Jedi and Republic forces, eventually participating in the assault on the Great Jedi Library. During the conflict, Darth Malgus, believed to have been dead, revealed himself during the invasion and attempted to raze the colony, though the Republic was able to send reinforcements to stop his forces on time.[source?]

Objective Meridian[]

After assisting in a space battle, the Commander was summoned back to the Republic fleet, where he learned of the Meridian Complex and the Empire's plan to annihilate it. The Commander participated in numerous battles on both Onderon and Mek-Sha, which they were ambushed at the latter by a masked Force user. During the Meridian Complex assault, the Commander themselves led the charge to the complex. As the battle concluded, the Commander escaped the complex in a shuttle.[source?]

Tenebrae's plague[]

Kira and Scourge approach Commander

Kira and Scourge approach Commander.

After the battle, the Commander returned from Corellia and met with Supreme Chancellor Galena Rans, who offered them the opportunity to join Task Force Nova, a joint military-civilian initiative designed to help rebuild the Jedi Order, with a guarantee that the Eternal Alliance would join the Galactic Republic with Odessen as its member world and its own senator. The Commander accepted after some consideration, and the Alliance was officially integrated into the Galactic Republic. Afterwards, the Commander was approached by Lord Scourge, formerly the Emperor's Wrath, and Jedi Knight Kira Carsen, a former Child of the Emperor. The two both revealed that Scourge was the one who attacked the Commander on Mek-Sha to try and confirm The Commander was free from Tenebrae's influence. The three returned to Odessen, where Scourge and Carsen revealed that while the Outlander was combating Tenebrae on Zakuul, the two of them destroyed his original body, allowing the entity to be truly destroyed. However, in their haste, they accidentally unleashed a Sith plague. Though their bond to the former emperor prevented them from being infected, it still rendered them comatose until Satele Shan and her followers rescued them. However, they became infected themselves, merging into a hivemind. In order to prevent more people falling to this illness, Scourge and Kira refined them to a transport and programed it to fly an undetermined course through unsettled sectors of the Outer Rim. They also revealed that the vessel would eventually return to civilized space, and that they and the Commander would have to be prepared once it finally arrived. Until then, Scourge and Kira pledged themselves to the Commander.[source?]

Behind the scenes[]

The term "Outlander" is first used to refer to the player character in the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire and continues to be used in subsequent updates and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. After the player becomes the Commander of the Alliance, the Alliance personnel starts to refer to the player as "Commander," while Zakuulans continue to use the "Outlander" moniker. For the player's backstory with Theron Shan, Lana Beniko and Darth Marr to make sense, the Outlander also must have participated in the events of the Shadow of Revan expansion, although during that time the term "Outlander" is never used and each class even has a mission unique to their class on Rishi. The game establishes that all eight original class characters—Hero of Tython, Barsen'thor, Meteor, Voidhound, Cipher Nine, Hunter, Empire's Wrath and Darth Nox—disappeared around the start of the Eternal Empire conquest, and any of them can become the Outlander, leading to many class-exclusive lines that refer to the player's past and unique cutscenes when reuniting with original class companions. During the playthrough the player faces multiple light- and dark-side choices, some of them almost inconsequential, while others can change the story significantly, such as killing characters who otherwise survive and continue to play a role in future events. The player can also initiate a romance with Lana Beniko, Theron Shan or Koth Vortena (as well as Arcann in case he is redeemed) regardless of their own gender, or resume their original romance with returning class companion.[21]

In Jedi Under Siege, the player is given the option to choose which faction they wish to side with, regardless of their choice on Iokath. They can either choose to stay loyal to their prior faction, or become a saboteur for the opposite faction. The player will not fight alongside their new allies if they become a saboteur, but they will have the option to perform sabotage missions to weaken their prior faction.

The opening scene of Onslaught, consisting of a Republic starfighter squadron ambushing a Terminus-class destroyer, varies on the faction chosen:

If the Outlander was Republic, the Outlander leads the fighter squadron in an Alliance shuttle. The destroyer is annihilated by bombers and the captain attempts to flee via shuttle. If the Outlander is loyalist, they'll take out the shuttle's engines and successfully capture the captain. If the Outlander is an Imperial Saboteur, they'll purposefully miss, allowing the captain to flee to hyperpsace.

If the Outlander was Imperial, a trap is placed and a Harrower Dreadnought, along with another Terminus, assists in destroying the fighter squadron. The Outlander leads the Imperial fighters in an S-13 Sting. One of the Republic pilots attempts to escape. If the Outlander is loyalist, they'll shoot and destroy the fighter. If the Outlander is a Republic Saboteur, they'll fire on the escaping fighter, but only damage it, allowing it to escape.

At the end of the Onslaught expansion, a commander who was loyal to their faction is given the choice between rejoining their prior faction, along with the entire Alliance, or remaining independent. However, if the Commander was a saboteur and sabotaged their faction's efforts on Corellia, they won't be invited back into their previous faction.[3]

Alternative gameplay choices[]

Onslaught: Empire gameplay[]

Acina revealed to the Commander that she found the Dark Council to be best suited to administrative duties and not critical wartime activities. She then pitched her idea for an organization answering directly to her and the influence was the Emperor's Hand of the late Sith Emperor. She decided on reforming the organization into "The Hand" and formed from the Empire's best and loyal personnel. Acina's choice would be to recruit the initial ranks from the Eternal Alliance's ranks, have Odessen officially join the Empire and with all Alliance personnel being granted Imperial Citizenship.[42] The Alliance Commander being granted:

  • If the player is a Sith Warrior, Acina or Vowrawn will restore their rank of Empire's Wrath and are named the official leader of the Hand.[42]
  • If the player is a Sith Inquisitor, Acina or Vowrawn will restore their Sith title, and Dark Council seat if they chose to kill Anathel prior to this, and any past holdings would once again be theirs to claim in service of destroying the Empire's enemies.[42]
  • If the player is an Imperial Agent, Acina or Vowrawn will grant the rank of Keeper and give them command over covert operations separate from Darth Xarion's Sith Intelligence.[42]
  • If the player is a Bounty Hunter, Acina or Vowrawn will grant them the rank of Hunter and will be charged with hunting down and destroying the Empire's enemies.[42]

The Alliance Commander accepts the Empress' or Emperor's proposal and rejoins the Sith Empire stating that this is where they truly belong. Acina is most satisfied with the Commander's reply and states that she will begin the necessary preparations and will find a liaison between her and the Commander in Darth Malgus' absence.

While detailing what the Alliance Commander can reclaim if they rejoin the Empire, Acina does offer that the Alliance Commander can remain where they are and maintain the Alliance's independence if they choose but they would still work with the Hand rather than the Dark Council. If the Commander refuses to rejoin, Acina will express her disappointment and bids the Commander a bitter farewell until called upon.

If Acina was killed on Iokath, then Vowrawn proposes the idea instead with all the same conditions and opportunities.



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