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"We freely admit that the Alliance of Free Planets is merely an interim measure, a stepping stone on the path to the restoration of the ideals of a bygone day…:
… the first step towards a New Republic.
―Excerpt from Declaration of the Alliance of Free Planets[1]

The Alliance of Free Planets was the transitional government formed from the Alliance to Restore the Republic[4], as it reformed from a military resistance movement into the New Republic and was formed a week after the Battle of Endor.[1]


"We must decide how best to enjoy and preserve our hard won freedom."
Admiral Ackbar[3]

The Alliance of Free Planets existed only one month before the formal creation of the New Republic, yet made some important steps forward for the fledgling government. The Alliance of Free Planets, was formed one week after the Battle of Endor, in the aftermath of the Bakura Incident.[1] The former Rebels defeated the Ssi-ruuk at Bakura, for the first time fighting alongside Imperial forces against a common foe. Though, the temporary alliance was fragile and marred with suspicion on both sides, it was an important symbolic move for the Alliance.[5]


A group of delegates listen to Admiral Ackbar.

To cement the gains made at the Battle of Endor, the First Conference of Free Peoples[3] was convened to tackle many of the issues relating to internal governance and the formation of a more permanent body; the New Republic.[1]

In this intervening period, the Alliance also had to contend with other hostile forces threatening to tear it apart. Grumblings from a number of member worlds over the leadership style led to a conference on Kabray, resolved by the swift action of Princess Leia and her Zeltron aides.[6] The Hiromi Empire also tried to split them from within, using an inside agent Hirog to create war between two member species, the Ewoks and the Lahsbee. This could have caused a civil war if the Alliance members had been forced to take sides, but this also was averted.[7]

During this same period, the Alliance also had to contend with a Nagai-led coalition of Maccabree warriors and Imperial loyalists. After a fierce battle over Endor, resulting in a nominal victory only for the Alliance, they evacuated Endor and once again moved their capital. This conflict, was known as the Nagai–Tof War.[8] After further encounters with the Nagai at Iskalon and Trenwyth, a confusing battle on Zeltros occurred.[9][10][11] The Hiromi, Nagai, and the Tofs all separately invaded. In an extraordinary turn of events, the Tofs were repelled by a combined force of Alliance troops, Hiromi, Nagai and their Imperial supporters at the Battle of Saijo.[12] Both the Hiromi Empire and the Nagai would go on to join the Alliance.

Not all the worlds which sent representatives to the Alliance council on the Forest Moon of Endor had been liberated from the Galactic Empire. Some of them were not liberated until after the formation of the New Republic, and others, such as Ryloth and Corellia, chose not to join the New Republic after gaining independence from the Empire, instead choosing isolationism. Despite this, the Alliance of Free Planets provided an important stage in the development of the galaxy-spanning New Republic, which was formed, in the aftermath of the Nagai–Tof War.[source?]

Known member planets of the Alliance of Free Planets[]

"The Alliance of Free Planets freely offers membership to any world that wishes to throw off the Empire's yoke and take up the struggle to end the nightmare of the New Order."
―Excerpt from Declaration of the Alliance of Free Planets[1]

Alliance starfighters attack the Nagai over Endor.



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