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Almania was a cold and windy planet located in the Almanian system. It had three moons, Pydyr, Auyemesh, and Drewwa.


Discovered sometime during the years between 3000 and 1000 BBY,[4] Almania was a world ruled by the tyrannical upper caste known as the Je'har. Ignored by outsiders, Almania sat in the shadow of its wealthiest moon, Pydyr. The planet was often raided for slaves by various pirate and slaver gangs.

One of the world's most famed sons was Jedi Initiate Dolph, who was selected by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to join the fledging New Jedi Order on Yavin IV. While studying with the Jedi, Dolph became incensed by the Order's and the New Republic's seeming indifference to the poverty of his homeworld. When his parents were murdered by the Je'har, Dolph turned to the dark side of the Force and adopted the pseudonym Kueller, originally the name of an ancient Almanian warlord. He took over the planet in a bloody coup, and systematically slaughtered any opponents to his regime. He then decimated the populations of Pydyr and Auyemesh, which marked the beginning of the Almanian Uprising.[2]

Eventually, Kueller was overthrown in the Battle of Almania[2] and Almania came under the control of his chief lieutenant, Yanne, who opened diplomatic talks with the New Republic. However, Yanne was soon overthrown by Gant, who in turn was overthrown by an unstable military junta. As a result Almania remained impoverished and was never able to join the New Republic.[5] While unaligned, the planet survived the Yuuzhan Vong War.[4]



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