Almar was a tropical planet located in the Elrood sector's Almaran system with beaches, marmaw-inhabited oceans, rain forests, and wide plains of orange grasses. The planet was dedicated to the tourist trade and its surface was called Almar Downside. The planet was orbited by a space station known as Almar Upside, which was considered Almar's capital.


Almar was known as the source of Norris roots, the dye of which was used by ancient Jedi to make Norris robes, which when soaked in this dye would provide some protection against energy and electrical-based attacks.[4]

Almar was built up as a tourist attraction ; Almar Upside was established with docking bays, hotels, bars and shops in the hope that wealthy residents of Elrood sector would patronize it as a play to relax, play, and spend money. The Elrood sector never flourished as hoped, and Almar became known as a "second-class" planet in the sector due to the fact that it was not on the Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route and therefore saw less traffic. When the Galactic Empire invaded and occupied Derilyn, the corporation that established Almar Upside disappeared and the computer banks recording the official ownership of Almar Upside were wiped. Over the course of several years, the Alliance to Restore the Republic took control of the station, running it as a seemingly independent space station while secretly using it as a surveillance and listening post directed towards Imperial Interdicted Space.[2]



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