"There is no place for maverick heroics in his Emperor's navy."
―Almudin, to Han Solo during a tribunal[src]

Almudin was a male human[1] who served as a commodore in the Galactic Empire.[2] Sometime between 13 BBY and 10 BBY,[3] Almudin was part of a military tribunal, and oversaw the court martial of Imperial cadet Han Solo after he disobeyed orders during an attack by raiders on Onyx Squadron he was flying in at the time, to save the life of Cadet Lyttan Dree.[2] The court martial resulted in the expulsion of Han Solo from the flight academy at Carida and the Imperial Navy, thereafter reassigning him to the 224th Imperial Armored Division on Mimban. It was rumored that before Almudin's assignment on the tribunal, he had had an amazing flight record.[2]

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