"Pfah! You march here, defile my holdings, even after I offer you escape. Your presence only proves how pathetic Her Majesty is."
―Earl Alner, to the young scoundrel[src]

Earl Alner was a male aristocrat of the Anoat sector. He was part of the Noble Court, the original government of the sector, which had been nearly exterminated and replaced by the Galactic Empire. However, Emperor Palpatine died at the Battle of Endor. Although the Imperials immediately enforced a blockade in the Anoat sector, isolating its citizens from any outside communications, Earl Alner still got wind of Palpatine's fall.[1]

With the Emperor dead, Alner thought that the Noble Court needed a strong leader to reemerge, and he did not think that Her Majesty, heir to the throne, was fit for that role. He did think, however, that he would make a grand king himself, and would manage to lead the whole sector to freedom. Consequently, the earl took advantage of the ongoing chaos to hire assassins and eliminate his rivals. Loathe, a member of the secret society known as the Kouhun, notably eliminated Duke Misaani and Earl Roubek on Alner's behalf.[1]

However, Sir Corto Belrake, an agent of Her Majesty, decided to take action and enlisted the services of a young scoundrel who represented the Ivax Syndicate. Alner saw his holdings seized by the scoundrel, and, in time, his garrison was surrounded by the Noble Court's shuttles, which prevented him from escaping. Alner was forced to confront the scoundrel, whom he attempted to buy out, but to no avail. The earl died on the premises, still convinced that he should have been king. Although the scoundrel had gotten her out of a tricky situation, Her Majesty advised her young ally to honor Alner for his highest moments and not to disdain him for his lowest.[1]


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