Alpha Company was a Republic military unit active on the planet Raxus Prime during the Clone Wars. It composed of at least three AT-TEs and four AT-XTs.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Dark Reaper Crisis, this unit was ferried to Raxus Prime via an Acclamator-class assault ship to assist Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in their efforts to prevent Count Dooku from excavating the Force Harvester, a vital instrument needed to power the Dark Reaper.[1]

Leading the group on a direct assault from the front with their fighter tanks, they were attacked by multiple waves of CIS forces composed of numerous Homing spider droids, Ground Armored Tanks, Hailfire droids, Heavy Artillery Guns, and NR-N-99 droid tanks. Upon reaching the perimeter of the base of the excavation site, Kenobi maneuvered through the confines of an industrial complex to eliminate remaining separatist forces.[1]

As republic forces began to converge on the site, Kenobi moved to engage the fuel bays supporting an excavation crane whilst Skywalker and AT-XTs' focused on nearby enemy forces. With the crane eliminated, Kenobi then destroyed a generator that powered a force field gate where republic reinforcements lie in wait on the other side. With all confederacy forces eliminated, Dooku presented himself in the open flanked by two battle droids, in which Skywalker immediately pursued him aboard a Hardcell transport.[1]

Seconds later, a Protodeka revealed itself and quickly destroyed the remaining republic forces in the area, leaving Kenobi alone on the field whilst Skywalker is aboard the already launched transport. After a tense skirmish, the Protodeka was inevitably destroyed. Clone forces in the area then reported to Kenobi that the separatists had already found whatever it is they were searching for.[1]

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