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"Alpha Squadron, this is command. Confirm your position. Alpha Squadron? Hello?"
―Imperial commander[src]

Alpha Squadron was an Imperial seatrooper unit that fought in the Genocide on Dac. Loyal to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, they were all killed by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde.

History[edit | edit source]

"All right, you seamonkeys, you know the drill! Hit the water, then deploy in hunt-and-kill formation!"
―Sea trooper commander[src]

Alpha Squadron is slaughtered by Treis Sinde.

During the Massacre of Mon Calamari, Alpha Squadron was assigned to the Sea Lion, an Acklay Battle Fortress that was commanded by Commander Sturves. The task force that Alpha Squadron was part of came across a camp of Mon Calamari refugees and deployed Shark subfighters to slaughter the civilians. However, a force of Mon Calamari Rangers piloting Krakanas entered the camp to defend the Mon Calamari, inflicting casualties on the Imperials. To counteract the offensive, Sturves ordered his lieutenant, Troax to send a seatrooper squadron into the fray. Alpha Squadron answered the call entering the skirmish. However, before they could attack the Mon Calamari, they were ambushed by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde.

Sinde threw an inkbomb at the squad, obscuring their vision. The seatroopers attempted to attack the Imperial Knight, but they were unable to get a lock on him with their vision obscured. As the squad leader told his men to switch to infrared sensors, Sinde attacked, catching them off guard. In close quarters, Sinde easily mowed through the squadron, deflecting their blaster shots and dismembering them with his lightsaber. After the squad had been dispatched, the Imperial commander attempted to contact the squad to no avail. With the unit destroyed, Sinde was free to attack the Sea Lion, and he was able to board the battle fortress, badly damaging the inside docking bay.

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