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Alpheridies was a planet in the Abron system, homeworld of the Alpheridians, and the adopted homeworld of the Miraluka.


Alpheridies was located at the edge of a giant molecular cloud called the Veil. Because none of the standard trade routes passed near Abron, the system and its inhabitants were segregated from the rest of galactic civilization, to the point that a Sith warlord had a Temple on the planet millennia before the Old Sith Wars.[8] After the Subterra Period,[7] the world was discovered by the Miraluka who migrated to Alpheridies when their world of origin entered into a phase of geophysical and geochemical instability during which the atmosphere began to vent into space.[6]

During the Great Sith War the Mandalorian Crusaders launched an assault on the planet and were able to conquer it.[7] Eventually, the Galactic Republic was able to drive the Mandalorians from the world and the Jedi Order established the Culu Memorial Center and Jedi academy on the world in order to train the Force-sensitive inhabitants. Several Jedi of this era came from Alpheridies, including Jedi Masters Q'Anilia and Noab Hulis.[4] Despite the Jedi presence however, the world fell into the hands of the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War.[7]

The world was forced to deal with the larger galaxy during the Yuuzhan Vong War when the Far-Outsiders invaded the planet.[7]


A Miraluka.

Since the Abron system's red dwarf star emitted energy mostly in the infrared spectrum, the Miraluka gradually lost their ability to sense and process visible light waves. During that period of mutation, the Miraluka's long dormant ability to "see" the Force grew stronger, until they relied on this Force sight without conscious effort. Gradually the Miraluka settled across the entire planet, focusing their civilization on agriculture so they required little in the way of offworld commodities. Though small industrial sections arose in a few population centers, the most advanced technologies manufactured on Alpheridies included only small computers, repulsorlift parts, and farming equipment.[2]

The Miraluka followed an oligarchic form of government in which all policies and laws were legislated by a council of twenty three representatives, one from each of the planet's provinces. State legal codes were enforced by local constables - the need for a national force never came about. Few Miraluka left Alpheridies. Most were content with their peaceful lives, and had no desire to disrupt the equilibrium. Over the centuries, however, many young Miraluka experienced an irrepressible wanderlust that led them off planet. Those Miraluka encountered away from Abron usually had a nomadic nature, settling in one area for only a short time before growing bored with the sights and routine. Some Miraluka, however, did eventually settle down elsewhere. The species had at least one colony world, Katarr.



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