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"As I stood there, decked out in my finest Sav'ruuchi pantsuit at the Xenvaer Civic Auditorium, staring at the flotsam swirl and collide in the juice punch, it occurred to me how very much like that watered down beverage bowl this party was."
―Dyslogia Twang[src]

A fundraising reception for the benefit of the Refugee Relief Movement—or RRM—was organized on the planet of Alsakan in 22 BBY. The event was held in the newly-built Xenvaer Civic Auditorium during the fourth month of the year and was attended by many important politicians, including the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine,[1] his functionaries, Sly Moore and Kinman Doriana, the members of his Loyalist Committee,[2] and his predecessor Finis Valorum. The journalist Dyslogia Twang was also present at the reception in search of gossip for her column "Sightings by Twang."[1] Despite preliminary criticism from the morning com-host Brookish Boon, the fundraiser was successful, having raised an estimated 75 million credits for the Refugee Relief Movement.[2]


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