"We will let the Jedi Generals know that we will fight to be free! We will fight to defend our planet! We will send the Jedi home in caskets!"
―Alto Stratus[src]

Alto Stratus was a Human male native to rain-soaked world Jabiim who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He was the leader of the Jabiim Nationalist Army, which was allied with the Separatists during the Clone Wars. He was not only a powerful and respected leader, but also a skilled and deadly warrior, who was eager to lead his troops in battle.


Early lifeEdit

Alto Stratus was born on the backwater planet Jabiim, and quickly became disillusioned with the Republic and the Jedi Order. When the Lythian pirates killed his parents, Trandoshan slavers raided his world and his people were decimated by the brainrot plague, Stratus never forgot that neither the Republic nor the Jedi sent aid to Jabiim in its time of crisis. Stratus' hatred of the Republic grew over time and he turned into a very vocal opponent of the Jedi. The outbreak of the Clone Wars only fuelled his anger, and caused Jabiim to secede from the Republic. He made several Anti Jediism speeches to the Jabiimites, reminding those gathered of the Republic's reluctance to intervene in the countless troubles Jabiim endured over the years. These speeches became popular on many Separatist worlds.[3]

The Clone WarsEdit

"The Jedi have brought only suffering to our world. But I swear that every Jedi on Jabiim will soon know our pain!"
―Alto Stratus[src]

Alto Stratus with the head of Jedi Master Norcuna

The Republic eventually reached Jabiim, though it arrived to stop the Jabiim rebels from granting the Confederacy mining rights to the planet's ore-rich core rather than to help its people. Stratus, with the help of Count Dooku's best assassin Asajj Ventress, battled the Republic constantly, isolating the Republic's Shelter Base by drawing their forces out into battle. However, he was using only his Jabiimite soldiers at this time; he was holding back his droid forces to attack Shelter Base itself. Stratus led the attack against Shelter Base, riding a pair of repulsor boots alongside his elite Nimbus commandos.

During this time his unnamed female cousin was also killed; her legs were crushed by a Republic walker and she had been shot in the gut with a blaster. She died in Stratus's arms. Later he would ask blood for blood, and personally killed the Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master Norcuna, leader of the Republic's invasion force.

Shelter Base was destroyed in the battle, and Stratus even survived an attack by Anakin Skywalker. He retreated after the fall of the Republic base, though he was soon informed that his troops had cornered a group of Jedi Padawans. The masterless apprentices had been led into a minefield, and Stratus led the attack. Anakin attacked Stratus again, though a nearby explosion flung both to the ground, separating them before Anakin could strike Stratus down. Stratus was later rescued by one of his troops.

Alto and Aubrie death

Alto Stratus is killed by Aubrie Wyn.

The next attack was at Cobalt Station, though Stratus gained extra support in the form of powerful A-series assassin droids sent by Count Dooku himself. The Padawans again defended against Stratus' attack, although many were killed. Stratus himself stabbed one Jedi, though his leg was severed by another, Kass Tod. Badly injured, he became a prime target for Padawan Aubrie Wyn, who killed Stratus' last Nimbus guard. Then, wielding two lightsabers, Aubrie moved in for the kill, though Stratus was able to shoot her with a concealed blaster. Yet even this did not save him, for Aubrie fell atop Stratus as she died, plunging both blades into his chest. Both died, though the Jabiimites would still continue to fight the Republic and ultimately triumphed.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Your planet—your home—is drowned in blood! For three thousand years we were loyal to the Republic."
―Alto Stratus, during a speech to his soldiers[src]

Alto Stratus was a charismatic leader who chose to lead, not only from the front, but also through speeches. He gave several moving speeches prior to the Republic invasion of Jabiim where he was able to rally support for the Separatist cause.[3] Likewise, during the war he had numerous chances to give impassioned speeches to his soldiers to help fuel their morale while fighting in the killing fields of their homeworld.

Alto was a skilled fighter who chose to fight with a sword, rather than modern weapons such as blasters. During the Second Battle of Jabiim Alto demonstrated his fighting prowess when he successfully killed an impressive number of Jedi in hand to hand combat. He even dueled Anakin Skywalker twice, and survived both duels. When mortally wounded Aubrie Wyn struck him down, he merely called both the Jedi and himself as casualties of war before dying.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alto Stratus and his Nimbus guards were named after types of clouds, fitting well in with Jabiim's climate. "Alto Stratus" is a Latin phrase used to designate a type of very high cloud. "Nimbus" means rain in Latin and is often used in cloud names (e.g. cumulonimbus and nimbostratus), so these troops would be specialized to fight in rainy conditions, like Jabiim.



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