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"The first attack on Alton came as a complete surprise."
Lieutenant Commander Adazian Liebke, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Alton Lochner, born Tiris Warren, was a dreadlock-sporting Rebel Alliance Intelligence officer serving with Eclipse Team.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"This will no doubt draw Lochner and his companions. It will be a personal challenge to combat."
"This is a business transaction. Its only purpose is financial gain. If Lochner and his friends are drawn into this, it is a happy coincidence."
Arcuse and Callandri from the Granse Confederacy.[src]

Tiris Warren was the son of Morellian scout Barosa Warren and an unknown mother. Tiris Warren and his father, however, were on bad terms, especially since Tiris joined the Rebel Alliance, opposing Barosa's wishes. Angry at Barosa, Tiris even changed legal his name.[1]

Tiris Warren's siblings were Danlea Lochner (she changed her surname for the same reason), Roland Warren and Tole Warren. All of them were half-Morellian and probably came from different mothers.[1]

Tiris Warren, now Alton Lochner, became a Lieutenant in Rebel Alliance Intelligence, a respected member of the Task Force on Alliance Security and a part of infamous Eclipse Team. He served as Cloak Leader and used the ship Abubaka II. He was respected by military and intelligence operatives because of different successful operations and rescues of other Rebels.[1]

Perhaps it was due to Lochner's presence in Alliance Intelligence that Barosa Warren became a threat to Alliance Intelligence. However, Lochner's relation to Warren was unknown to most people.[1]

Alton Lochner had another enemy in professional assassin Callandri. Callandri had wanted to kill Lochner for a long time, due to unknown reasons. She performed her first attempt on the life of Rebel lieutenant Lochner when she found him on the Brawl and Grill establishment, in Trader's Quarter, Ord Mantell. She then entered the bar shooting. Although Lochner's life was saved by his drinking pals, including the Wookiee Tirranna and Adazian Liebke, he spent weeks on the infirmary. A report on this fight was written by Vanden Willard.[1]

Wanting to get even on Lochner and Tirranna, Callandri and her cousin and associate Zayl Braith attacked them again on Triewahl Docking Station, but they were again saved by their partners.[1]

Callandri then decided to form the Granse Confederacy with a few partners (particularly Kiran Tatch, who felt a personal antagonism towards Lochner due to unknown reasons). Many within the Alliance's command structure believed that Callandri formed the Confederacy specifically to assassinate Lochner, but this was never proven. However, it is known that the other members of the Granse Confederacy knew of Callandri's motivation against Lochner.[1]

An associate of Rebel commander Derembus Sitnalta and of Sasnak Toxis, Lochner visited Corulag and then noticed slavers Chordak and Talas Piran dealing with their stock. Sasnak noticed that one of the slaves was a person he knew, and he had disliked Chordak for a time. The event became a fight until the prefect arrived; the Rebels ran away and the slaves were freed. Due to this, Piran kept a grudge towards those three Rebels, or so Sitnalta thought.[1]

One year later, Lochner joined several other Alliance officers, including Lieutenant Commander Anson Blazer, on Ord Mantell to enjoy a leave. They were identified by Niclara Varnillian, chief gunnery officer of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Pulsar. Varnillian was provided with Imperial soldiers and a firefight ensued. Over thirty-six innocent civilians and several Imperials were killed in the crossfire and, while Varnillian took two Rebel prisoners to the Pulsar, the others escaped.[2]

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