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The Altor-class supply ship was a class of fuel replenishment supply ship used by the Galactic Empire's naval forces. 4,600 meters in length, the Altor was a huge starship, carrying six spheroidal fuel containers and multiple articulated arms with refuelling nozzles that allowed the supply ship to handle two capital ships simultaneously—one on each side. The stern housed a cluster of hangar/dry dock complexes that could accommodate frigate–sized capital ships for deep space repairs. Altors were propelled by seven powerful thrusters, each surrounded by eight auxiliary engines, amounting to fifty-six auxiliary engines in total. One Altor-class supply ship was based at Naval Station Validusia in the Validusia system.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Altor-class supply ship was introduced to the new Star Wars canon in the thirty-fourth issue of the magazine series Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon, published by De Agostini[1] around August 26, 2015.[2] The Altor-class tanker originated as a 2010 fanon digital model by Ansel Hsiao.[3] It then entered continuity both in name and design when it was introduced as the Altor-class replenishment ship in the 2012 Star Wars Legends reference book The Essential Guide to Warfare, written by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart. Hsiao was also an illustrator for the book.[4] The Latin word "altor" is translated as "nourisher" or "sustainer,"[5] meanings which Hsiao echoed when he created the ship.[3]


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