Altor 14 was a planet in the Zoraster sector, and the homeworld of the Avogwi and Nuiwit. It was subjugated by the Galactic Empire.


Located on the edge of civilization, the planet was not discovered until 15 BBY when the Rego Mineral Company ran across this mineral-rich planet. Landing on the desert world, the Company's representatives drew up a contract with the native Nuiwit, who agreed to open their mines to the foreign businessman. This did not bode well with the other native species, the Avogwi, as they viewed it as foolish to give away valuable resources to outsiders. The Nuiwit, being more advanced, dismissed the Avogwis' concerns and sold more and more contracts, making a very lucrative business in the exporting of minerals.[4]

Society and cultureEdit

Because of the intense heat of the world, both native species based their society on the gathering and preservation of water. While the Avogwi were rather primitive while the Nuiwit were more advanced with cities and a agricultural system which flourished. It was rare to see either species off-world, but after the discovery of the world, both groups saw some emigration, with Avogwi finding work as the criminal element, while the Nuiwit took on more honest jobs.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Altor 14 was created for Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races, published in 1989 and revised for a second edition in 1994. It was later charted on a map of the Outer Rim Territories in The Essential Atlas.


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