"Who's got Ezra?"
"Inquisitors. Two of them!"
(Sigh) One was bad enough."
―Garazeb Orrelios and Sabine Wren[8]

"Always Two There Are" is the fifth episode of the Star Wars Rebels animated television series' second season.[2] It is the twentieth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on October 28, 2015 on Disney XD.[1]

Official description[]

Thanks to Rex's intel, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper head out to an abandoned Republic medical station with the hopes of finding much needed supplies. When they encounter new enemies, however, the stakes become much higher.[2]

Plot summary[]

Escaping an argument[]

Aboard the Ghost, Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger enter the common room to learn how to levitate objects, specifically Chopper. Following Kanan's teachings, Bridger tries to lift Chopper with the Force. Meanwhile, Garazeb Orrelios and Rex are playing dejarik. Rex wins the game, and Orrelios says he may have let Rex win. What the two Jedi don't realize is that Sabine Wren told Chopper to lock his feet to the floor; no matter how hard Bridger tries, he cannot lift the droid. Ezra finally gives up, only for Rex to reveal the prank as the perpetrators laugh. Bridger calls the trick unfair, but Jarrus asserts that a fight is never fair. Rex tells Bridger more about the Jedi General he fought beside, and how he became a great warrior by combining the Force with his wits. Jarrus tells Rex that Bridger has plenty of wits, and what he really needs is discipline. Before it can turn into an argument between the two, Hera Syndulla shows up with a mission for Wren, Chopper and Orrelios to salvage some medical supplies from an old Republic medical station. As Jarrus and Rex continue to argue over how Bridger should be taught, the Padawan decides to sneak away and join Wren, Chopper and Orrelios on their mission. They board the Phantom and depart from the fleet.

They arrive at their destination, which is an old Republic medical station that was abandoned after the Clone Wars. They approach the hangar bay doors and, using the codes given by Rex, enter the station and land in the hangar. After exiting the Phantom, they find the station to be powered down, as well as dark and unsettling. To get some power running, the four of them go in search of the command center. The hallways are dark and quiet, and everywhere they go they encounter scattered parts and machines that were left behind after the station was abandoned. Unbeknownst to them, an ID9 seeker droid is tracking their every move. Wren hears it when she stops to tag a wall with her phoenix symbol. The rebels soon find the command center, and Chopper powers up the entire station, despite Sabine only needing the control panel. Meanwhile, a nearby Imperial Star Destroyer detects the station's power surge. The officer reporting suspects it to be the Rebels, but Agent Kallus dismisses that possibility, as it could be anything, such as a malfunction or scavengers. However, the Fifth Brother states it is the rebels they seek, and sets out alone for the station.

Back at the station, Wren has managed to get all the inventories, but most of them are corrupted and unreadable; she is unable to tell where the medical supplies are and is unsure if they even exist. Bridger suggests they go looking for the supplies while Chopper stays behind to try and repair the files. While searching, Bridger and Orrelios get into an argument over whether Bridger's Force powers make him naturally better at the mission. When Bridger challenges Orrelios to a race to see who can find the supplies first, Orrelios growls that they will probably run right past them, as he does just that, passing by a room with crates of supplies. All alone, Chopper hears a strange noise echoing through the hallways and decides to investigate. Turning to another corridor, he continues to follow the sound until he is cornered by a seeker droid that electrocutes him. The seeker droid uses Chopper to send a distress signal to lure in the others. To reach him faster, Bridger and Wren take a shortcut through the ventilation shafts, but Orrelios ends up getting stuck while trying to follow. Bridger and Wren soon find themselves in another hallway and begin looking for Chopper. Instead of finding their droid, they come across the seeker droid and a woman standing in the shadows. At first Bridger suspects she's a bounty hunter, but after activating her lightsaber, she is revealed to be an Inquisitor known as the Seventh Sister.


Bridger engages the new Inquisitor in a fight, while Wren takes on her seeker droids. Quickly overpowered, they make a run for it and come across into the Fifth Brother. After getting a shut door open, the two of them attempt to flee, but the Seventh Sister uses the Force to pull Bridger back, having her droids hold him. Wren tries to save him, but Bridger tells her to run. To cover her escape, he seals the door, leaving him to be captured by the two Inquisitors. The Fifth Brother tries to kill him, but the Seventh Sister wants to use him as bait to trap the others. Wren finds her way back to Orrelios, who is still stuck in the ventilation shaft.

After helping Orrelios get unstuck, Wren tells him about the two Inquisitors who have captured Bridger. Orrelios suggests they alert Jarrus, but Wren is against making contact with the others, since sending a signal could compromise the fleet. They are left with no choice but to save Bridger themselves. Meanwhile, Bridger remains captive to the Seventh Sister, who voices how impressed she is with Bridger's skills as a Jedi, with him resisting an attempted mind probe. She offers to teach him much more, noting that his mentor had never reached the rank of Jedi Knight and is thus ill-qualified to instruct a Padawan. Bridger then cites Jarrus' defeat of the Grand Inquisitor, something that the Seventh Sister admits was unexpected but presented the other Inquisitors with "new opportunities."

In the hallways, the Fifth Brother continues searching for Orrelios and Wren with the seeker droids. Through the use of the Force, he senses their presence nearby and approaches them. Orrelios and Wren have planted thermal detonators nearby, but when Wren tries to trigger them they don't go off due to the Fifth Brother having sensed them, using the Force to disable the explosives. He then proceeds to use the detonators against Orrelios and Wren and, while both of them survive the resulting explosion, the blast leaves Wren unconscious. She is taken away by the Fifth Brother, who leaves the seeker droids to deal with Orrelios. Orrelios quickly destroys the droids and finds the medical supplies they came for. Back at the command center, the Seventh Sister interrogates Bridger in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of the other Rebels, most notably Ahsoka Tano, whom she reveals the Inquisitors are fully aware of. Bridger is shocked to discover that the Empire knows about Tano, and attempts to feign ignorance. Despite the Seventh Sister's best efforts, Bridger refuses to cooperate. Just then, the Fifth Brother shows up with Wren. The Seventh Sister tells Bridger to contact the Rebels, but he again refuses to cooperate. She also lies that Orrelios is dead. After finding Chopper, Orrelios returns to the Phantom to get his bo-rifle, but doesn't think he stands a chance against two Inquisitors. Nonetheless, he refuses to leave Bridger and Wren to their fates.


Zeb sends a false message to Bridger and Wren under the name of "Commander Meiloorun." He says they missed their check-in, and asks if their craft is damaged, offering support. Wren denies needing any support, but after the Fifth Brother threatens to kill her while holding her at blade-point, Bridger reconsiders the offer. Orrelios signs off telling Bridger and Wren to "keep [their] chin up." With instructions to meet at Bay Six, the Inquisitors take the captives to the hangar bay with plans to dispose of them all once they have the Jedi. Upon arriving at the hangar, Bridger and Wren spot Orrelios in the Phantom, hanging upside down on the ceiling. When the last of the Seventh Sister's seeker droids spots him as well, Orrelios creates a commotion that enables Bridger and Wren to escape from the Inquisitors' clutches and board the Phantom. They escape with a crate of medical supplies and return to the Rebel Fleet. Upon returning to the Ghost, they inform Jarrus, Syndulla and Rex about the two Inquisitors they encountered, much to Jarrus' shock, as he was unaware that there was more than one Inquisitor. Bridger also tells Jarrus that the Inquisitors knew about Tano, and Jarrus promises to tell her about it. Jarrus tells Syndulla that the rebels really don't know what they're up against.


While Ezra is attempting to lift Chopper with the Force, the wall right of the galley door is visible. The starbird symbol shown there in "Idiot's Array" is missing, despite the later episode "The Holocrons of Fate" showing the painting still there.



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