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"Always count your clones before take-off" is the third in a series of comics available on the LEGO Star Wars website. It was first placed on the LEGO website in the fall of 2008. It was later placed on on October 20, 2009 with some changes, notably, different sound effects and background music.

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The Republic is making a hasty retreat, but aboard one Republic gunship a clone notices that clone troopers 1137 and 1139 are not aboard. Back on the planet, the two missing troopers wave desperately at the leaving gunships, but to no avail. They are alone until a group of battle droids arrives. Hiding behind a large crate, the two overhear the droids discussing their secret weapon. Determined to find the weapon, the clones create a plan. They open the crate and construct a fighter tank. Using the tank, the clones set to find the weapon, leaving a trail of destroyed droids in their wake. Finding the weapon to be a large tower, the troopers fire the tank's weapons at the top of it, bringing it down. As the two look over the wreckage, a Republic gunship comes down to pick them up.


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