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wampa1: "ha alyssa u think u r smart just like myrl but u r not, ur name is alysssa maggrit and u r 12 years old and were born on tolea biqua so how smart do u think u r now
Not at all ur friend, wampa1
gunganimpala: "Alyssa, was that you or the dirt magnet?"
alyssaroxu: "The dirt magnet. He rather brilliantly uncovered the identity of the little Duros girl who lives on Tolea Biqua and runs numbers for her uncle. I'm sure uncle is going to love hunting down wampa1 and stringing him up."
―The slicers wampa1, gunganimpala, and alyssaroxu communicate on the HoloNet[src]

A twelve-year-old Duros girl named Alysssa Maggrit ran a numbers racket for her uncle in the city of Tolea Biqua above the planet Genarius at the beginning of the Clone Wars. In a failed effort to publicly reveal on the HoloNet the true name of the slicer alyssaroxu, inept fellow slicer wampa1 mistakenly identified her as Alysssa Maggrit, thus inadvertently blowing Maggrit's cover. Alyssaroxu speculated that Maggrit's uncle would enact vengeance on wampa1 for doing so.

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