"If it's got engines, I can fly it."
―Alzar Golan[src]

Alzar Golan was a male Human pilot who flew corusca skiffs in the Yavin system.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Alzar Golan was a male Human,[1] who joined the Imperial Navy and was commissioned as an ensign,[2] flying shuttles.[1] Initially, Golan performed well, especially under officers he respected. However, he soon came under the command of officers that were substandard. Golan openly mocked his superior officers' command styles and questioned their orders.[2] He believed that they weren't his "superior" in any sense of the word,[1] and failed to do the smart thing and humor them until they were transferred out.[2] Eventually, he was cashiered out of the service for insubordination to his superiors.[1]

Moving from port to port, Golan took jobs in the private sector. However, his daredevil piloting continually got him fired as he risked company-owned starships in high traffic areas and bad weather, and performed outrageous stunts. Eventually, Golan found himself in the Yavin system, and was employed to fly the corusca skiffs collecting valuable Corusca Stones.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

At 1.67 meters, Alzar Golan was of medium height, with close-cropped black hair and dark eyes. He was possessed of a lantern jaw, and had a prominent lump that protruded from his throat.[1] Golan was extremely confident, often to the point of being reckless. If given the chance, he would have happily tried to buff the Emperor during a sabacc game.[1] A daredevil and a show off, Golan was a capable pilot and held the opinion that he could fly anything with an engine. His time with the Empire highlighted his fatal flaw; Golan had a big mouth and no tact. Despite his outgoing personality, he favored subdued and conservative clothing.[2]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

Golan was trained to use a blaster,[2] as well as melee weapons, and could handle himself in a fight. A capable pilot, he could plot hyperspace courses and operate the weapons on a starship. Golan could also operate repulsorlift vehicles, and was knowledgeable about star systems. He was also competent in survival techniques, and was connected to the criminal underworld.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Golan was armed with a blaster pistol, as well as a hold-out blaster, and wore a high-g suit.[1]

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