"I held a single-entrance fortress similar to this on Amador. Enemy bodies were stacked twenty-high around the outside when that battle was over."
―Fideltin Rusk[4]

Amador was a planet located in the Chalenor system[2] of the Expansion Region's Immalia sector,[1] and was orbited by at least one moon named Mayvitch 7.[2] Amador lay at the junction of a hyperlane that connected the Coth Fuuras system and the planet Nessem and a second route that linked it to the Drearia system.[3] Sometime between 3665[5] and 3653 BBY,[6] a battle was fought on Amador during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, where the Chagrian soldier Fideltin Rusk defended the entrance of a fortress on Amador from a much larger force of Imperial soldiers.[4] Over three thousand years later, a group of Human colonists on Mayvitch 7 were wiped out by the Yinchorri species during the Yinchorri Uprising of 33 BBY.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Amador was first mentioned in the 2000 comic Jedi Council: Acts of War 1, where the world's moon Mayvitch 7 is attacked by the Yinchorri.[2] The planet was not mentioned again until the 2011 massively-multiplayer online roleplaying video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, where the Jedi Knight class's companion character Fideltin Rusk mentions Amador during ambient conversation that is triggered when he arrives at the Shrine of Healing on the planet Voss.[4]


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