Amaltanna was a rocky planet with at least three suns and one moon located in the Outer Rim Territories' Kanz sector.


Discovered circa 4000 BBY by the Galactic Republic's many scouting expeditions the planet Amaltanna, along with most of the Kanz sector, was independent of any major sector-spanning government. Yet in 3970 BBY while the Republic was busy with the Mandalorian Wars, the Myrialites formed the Argazdan Redoubt as an independent state and began to annex several nearby worlds. Both Amaltanna and Lorrd were concerned by this move, and the former began the Amaltannan resistance, a rebel force meant to detour invaders. Outraged by the Amaltannans and their Lorrdian supporters, the Myrialites enslaved the Lorrdians.[4]

For three centuries, the Myrialites ruled the Kanz Sector without any successful interventions by the Republic or Jedi Order. It wasn't until 3670 BBY that Jedi Master Mari-Elan Nora was able to lead a task force to liberate the sector from its oppressors. The sector was given membership in the Galactic Senate, though it was considered to be located outside the Republic.[2]

During the Clone Wars, the sector was represented in the Senate by Senator Nee Alavar of Lorrd. During the war, Baron Edi Wedd of Amaltanna took up residence in the Impregnable fortress and agreed to supply resources to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Outraged that Wedd would betray the Republic, the natives mounted a resistance force to raid the Impregnable and arrest the dictator. However, the resistance members all fell victim to Wedd's security droids and were defeated. Armed with an army of battle droids, Wedd felt secure when an attack group from the Grand Army of the Republic came to the aid of the fallen resistance members. While both armies were decimated, Jedi General Bultar Swan survived the battle and infiltrated the fortress. Despite Wedd's traps and taunts, Swan marched up to his secure chamber and destroyed the life-support system there. Trapping Wedd within his indestructible palace, Swan left the sentient to die alone on the lifeless world.[3]



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