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Amanaman was the nickname given to a specific male Amani present at Jabba the Hutt's palace; his real name was unknown on Tatooine. Amanaman was a successful bounty hunter.



Amanaman resembled a giant, yellow, shriveled planarian. He had long gangly arms and a green back with a striped pattern. Amanin were also known by the colloquial name "head hunters" due to their tendency to collect their victims' heads as souvenirs, and Amanaman was no exception; for a time (around 4 ABY), he wielded a staff from which three prized heads grotesquely hung. He also kept a dried, decapitated corpse at his side. All of these were from unidentified victims. He eventually collected 35 heads, displaying them on posts around the palace complex.

Behind the scenes[]

Amanaman appeared in Return of the Jedi and was played by puppeteer Ailsa Berk.[2] Since Amanaman does not speak, Ailsa is officially credited as a "mime artist."

Amanaman is visible during several scenes in Jabba's Palace. He is first seen when Jabba reveals Han Solo frozen in carbonite. He can also be seen when the Max Rebo Band performs—although he is reclining so he is hard to spot—and he is seen again when Leia and Han are discovered. The last time he can be seen is when Luke and Han are sentenced to death.


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