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Amara Jedselk was a Human female who served as a Commander in the Imperial Army at the garrison on Sellasas during the Rebellion era. She was also the daughter of Governor Jedselk, who was planetary governor at the time.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After the Battle of Yavin, a Rebel strike team laid siege to the planet of Sellasas in an effort to eliminate the Imperial presence there. Jedselk was the second-in-command of the army garrison, and fought against the Rebels in their final assault against the base.[1] During the battle, Jedselk was repeatedly wounded, but managed to survive and even save the life of a severely wounded civilian Srrors'tok male that had joined in the fight against the Rebel invaders. Together, the two managed to stay alive and escape capture for several days. Within a week of completing their final assault on the garrison, the Rebel strike team withdrew from the planet. Three days later, the two were recovered when a navy relief force under the command of Admiral Kedler arrived.

During their recuperation, Jedselk gave the Srrors'tok the adoptive name of Tyionsis Cex, and the two further cemented their bond. Cex swore a life debt to Jedselk for saving his life, and developed a strong, personal affection for the woman over the course of their recovery. Eventually, Jedselk was reassigned, and Cex was given the opportunity to fulfill his life debt to her by serving her father as an Imperial bounty hunter, which he accepted.

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