"Do you like this place, Ben?…"
"It's…interesting, Snoke."
"I am very fond of it. The people who built it were trying to hold back the dark. That was the entire point. To create an oasis of light here in the great shadow. You see how well it worked. You see what denying the nature of things brought them."
―Snoke and Ben Solo[src]

The Amaxine station was an ancient space station in the galaxy. It was located in a star system where it orbited a dying star. Built by the Amaxine warriors,[2] it consisted of a central sphere encircled by a number of rings.[1] However, the station was abandoned after it was infested by the Drengir, a dangerous sentient plant species that were inherently in tune with the Dark side of the Force. The Drengir were later sealed at the station by the Sith. During the High Republic Era, multiple starships, including one carrying Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus, Jedi Knights Orla Jareni and Dez Rydan, and Padawan Reath Silas, were stranded at the station in the aftermath of the Great Disaster. The station had several hyperspace relays that would travel through hyperspace to a predetermined location. During their mission, Rydan was injured and was unintentionally transported through one of the relays, leading his companions to believe him to be dead.[2] According to Snoke, its creators had built the station in an area strong in the dark side of the Force, attempting to create an oasis of the light side. However, the dark side remained in the station, and its creators were killed.[3] During the time of the New Republic, Snoke resided in the space station. Ben Solo, who had the destroyed the Jedi Temple of Luke Skywalker after believing he had killed Luke Skywalker, visited the station to meet with Snoke.[1]

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