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The Amaxine warriors were supposedly a warrior people that dated back to the dawn of the Galactic Republic. Instead of using currency, the Amaxine warriors traded weapons for goods and services. It was believed that at some point the warriors left the galaxy, in search of another. Long after the Amaxines' disappearance, a paramilitary organization active during the New Republic Era named themselves after the ancient warriors.


An Amaxine space station.

Amaxine technology was sophisticated and capable of surviving centuries after first being built. Their space stations had ports for their uniquely shaped starships, and the stations were also equipped with a mechanism for dispensing hyperspace capable pods. The pods could be launched great distances across the galaxy, and allowed for precise reconnaissance or sabotage of a target. Padawan Reath Silas believed that this was likely a major factor in the success of the Amaxine warriors. One such space station was located around an unknown star that, by the time of the High Republic, was close to dying, though the station itself was intact. However, its pod system was sabotaged by Reath Silas to prevent the Drengir and the Nihil access to it.[2]



According to an old story told by Leia Organa's adoptive mother Breha Organa, the Amaxine warriors were purportedly a warrior people whose entire culture was based in warfare. Instead of currency, they traded weapons for goods and services. According to legend, the Amaxines refused to make peace with the Old Republic. Unable to defeat such a powerful foe, they departed the known galaxy for another one to search for another war to fight.[1] However, at some point in this ancient past, the Amaxine warriors encountered the Drengir. They built a relay point for their hyperspace pods to land on an unknown world occupied by the sentient race and intended to make war on them. However, the Drengir fought back and were able to defeat and then devour them.[2] By the time of the New Republic, the Amaxine warriors were believed to be extinct.[1]


During the High Republic Era, an Amaxine space station located in a star system centred by a dying star was used by the Byne Guild as a waypoint for its indentured pilots. The station was later used as a shelter by multiple starships waylaid by the Great Hyperspace Disaster.[2]

During the New Republic Era, a paramilitary organization commanded by Arliz Hadrassian and allied with the secretive First Order named itself after the Amaxines.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Amaxine warriors were first mentioned in Claudia Gray's novel Bloodline.[1]



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