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"That's one impressive weapon."
―Greef Karga[src]

The Amban phase-pulse blaster, also known as an Amban sniper rifle, was a type of disruptor sniper rifle used by Din Djarin.


This rifle was capable of vaporizing, electrocuting, and shooting enemies. The weapon utilized large quantities of blaster gas, such as Tibanna gas, many times more than a standard blaster. The energy beam fired by the rifle was generated in almost the same manner as the particle beam fired by a blaster, though the beam used much more blaster gas that would disintegrate a target on contact, cementing its reputation as a firearm to be feared.[2] The front of the rifle was double-pronged, essentially acting as a taser if necessary, delivering a strong shock to opponents.[3]


Around 9 ABY,[4] "the Mandalorian" used this rifle on several missions. On his expedition to claim the bounty on a Mythrol, he used the taser function on a ravinak that attacked the Razor Crest.[3]

After being commissioned by the Client to acquire the Child on Arvala-7,[3] the Mandalorian used it as a scouting scope and sniper rifle against Trandoshan bounty hunters, Jawas that had stripped his ship for parts, and a Mudhorn that protected an egg that was used to barter his ship parts back.[2]

The Mandalorian later used the weapon's taser function on an Imperial remnant stormtrooper while rescuing the Child from their compound. He also used it against Greef Karga and members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild during an ambush following the Child's rescue.[5]

While defending a human tribe's village on Sorgan, the Mandalorian used the weapon against an invading Klatooinian tribe. When the Klatooinian AT-ST Raider failed to activate their trap, he gave the rifle to Carasynthia Dune, who then jumped into the pond and fired at the walker in order to bait it.[6]

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The Amban rifle first originated in The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Amban sniper rifle first appeared in Chapter 1 of the 2019 Disney+ television series The Mandalorian,[3] which aired on November 12, 2019.[7] However, it traces its design back to the weapon of Boba Fett in the animated segment of 1978's The Star Wars Holiday Special, the first Star Wars television property and the first appearance of Mandalorian armor.[8] Its initial appearance in The Mandalorian pays homage to the Holiday Special, being used to ward off a subterranean beast (a ravinak in The Mandalorian versus a Panna dragon in the Holiday Special) attempting to devour a starship with the protagonists onboard.[3][8]



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