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The Amban phase-pulse blaster was a type of two-pronged blaster. In 1 ABY, the bounty hunter Boba Fett used an Amban phase-pulse blaster to save Luke Skywalker from a Panna dragon on Panna Prime.


The Amban phase-pulse blaster[2] was a type of handheld blaster technology. The weapon had a stock at its base and a grip near its forked end. The Amban phase-pulse blaster could be used at a medium range, and it was capable of fighting off large creatures.[1]


"You saved my life. Thank you."
―Luke Skywalker, to Boba Fett[src]

Boba Fett carried an Amban phase-pulse blaster.

In the year 1 ABY,[3] the bounty hunter Boba Fett wielded one such weapon. While on the mud-moon of Panna Prime, Fett witnessed the young rebel Luke Skywalker come under attack by a Panna dragon, which began to devour the pilot's BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter. Skywalker's blaster pistol had no effect on the beast, so Fett intervened. From the back of a Paar's ichthyodont, the bounty hunter fired his Amban phase-pulse blaster at the dragon, and it retreated. After the incident, Skywalker thanked Fett for saving his life.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Amban phase-pulse blaster first appeared in "The Story of the Faithful Wookiee," an animated segment of 1978's The Star Wars Holiday Special,[1] and it was named in the production's Boba Fett character key.[2]

The design of the Amban phase-pulse blaster was repurposed for Chop'aa Notimo's electrostaff in the 2008 video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.[4]

In 2020, a version of the Amban phase-pulse blaster, named the Amban JP Blaster Rifle, was added to the online multiplayer game Star Wars: The Old Republic's Cartel Market to commemorate the release of the second season of The Mandalorian.



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