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"If you had time, you could probably confirm all of this with Alliance records. Time is something none of us have, I'm afraid. Death-Hunter is real. Be careful."
―Amber Comark[1]

Lady Amber Comark was the daughter of Imperial Moff Jesco Comark. Native to the planet Chandrila, she was an Imperial socialite, attending high-profile events, such as The Kallea Cycle. As a Core World noble, she spent a considerable amount of time on Imperial Center. It was there that she made friends with Rebel spy, "Tigress," who was posing as a librarian in the Imperial Archives. Comark, having grown up under the rule of the Empire, did not understand the true nature of Imperials, and she was shocked when her friend was discovered, arrested, and violently interrogated. Comark only learned later, from her father, that her friend had been executed by the Empire. Inspired by the death of her friend, Comark resolved to continue where she had left off. She took up the mantle of "Tigress" and began to spy on the Empire, making regular reports to Alliance Intelligence. Although the Alliance noticed the change in style from the previous "Tigress"'s reports and were concerned that the accuracy of the information had taken a hit, they did not break off contact with Comark.

In her new role as an Alliance spy, Comark came across information on her father's new project, Operation Death-Hunter. As she began to gather more information on the nature of the project, Comark became increasingly desperate for the Alliance to step in and investigate her reports. She set up a trail for Alliance agents to follow, leaving her R2 droid, R2-B4, at the Jaemus shipyards to inform them of the data she had gathered. At the same time, Comark left for the planet Bescane, where it had been reported that kidnappings tied to Operation Death-Hunter had occurred. After meeting up with a team of Rebels who had followed up on her reports, the group decided to follow the trail of the reported kidnappings, arriving at the distant world of Zeta Zero Nine. Within an underwater base on the planet, Comark and her team discovered that the kidnapped persons were being transformed into Death-Hunter Cyborgs. Although confronted by her father at the base, Comark revealed her true allegiance, turning on the Imperials. During a brief struggle, in which she freed the prisoners, Comark and the Rebels destroyed the base and ended the threat of the project. With her cover blown, Comark joined the Alliance formally, hoping to help the Rebellion in a different capacity.


Imperial socialite[]

"Lady Comark, what a lovely gown you're wearing this evening. Yes, I'll be sure to stop by and visit soon. Of course, what guest wouldn't bring his gracious host a proper gift?"
―Wendell Wright-Sims[3]

Lady Amber Comark was a member of an influential Chandrilan family from the Core World of Chandrila. Her father, Jesco Comark, was an Imperial Moff known for his fanatical support of the New Order. Her family was identified by a family crest that adorned their most prized possessions, including a brooch which was passed down to Amber as one of her early birthday presents.[1] Comark's powerful family and her noble title allowed her to enjoy all the pleasures that the Empire provided. She was invited to high-profile events, such as a gala hosted by Imperial Advisor Kren Blista-Vanee, commemorating the opening night of The Kallea Cycle. She was known to indulge in spice, which was personally provided by the high-profile spice runner, Wendell Wright-Sims.[3] Nevertheless, her presence on Coruscant was not solely devoted to decadent pursuits. She was known to frequent the Imperial Archives where she became friends with one of the librarians. Comark eventually learned that the librarian was not all that she seemed; she was actually a Rebel spy working with Alliance Intelligence under the codename, "Tigress." This association did not stop their friendship, but their correspondence was short-lived. "Tigress" was soon discovered by Imperial Intelligence and arrested. Comark's friend disappeared shortly afterward, and she only learned of her friend's death from her father, who was a leading member of Renik, the counter-espionage branch of Imperial Intelligence.[1]

Comark, who had grown up under the influence of the Empire and was somewhat naïve about the nature of her Imperial rulers, was shocked by the death of her friend. In order to honor her memory, Comark resolved to take up where her friend had left off, assuming the mantle of "Tigress" and giving regular reports to Alliance Intelligence. Unknown to Comark, however, the Alliance had noticed the change and became suspicious of the temporary break in communication. Additionally, Comark was not a trained spy, and her reports were not as professional as the previous "Tigress." Her information was also less reliable, falling to only sixty percent accuracy compared to the previous spy's eighty percent. General Crix Madine believed it was possible that the new "Tigress" was actually an Imperial double-agent but the Alliance did not cut off contact with Comark and continued to receive her reports.[1]

Operation Death-Hunter[]

"Once again, I implore you to further investigate the recent activities connected to an Imperial project called Death-Hunter."
―Amber Comark, disguised as "Tigress," reports to General Crix Madine[1]

Amber Comark meets with Cooper Dray on Bescane.

In her role as a Rebel spy, Comark came across a secret project being worked on by her father, Operation Death-Hunter. Due to her father's connections with Renik, Comark was able to learn from a close informant in the organization that the project was kidnapping Humans from the planet Bescane. Her informant died bringing her the information, cutting off her source of information. Concerned by the wealth of materials being attributed to the project, Comark contacted General Madine, hoping that he would send a team to investigate her reports on the project. Despite Madine's resistance to this option, believing it to be a set-up for an Imperial ambush, Comark persisted, giving information that the Jaemus shipyards were producing modified Tech 4 Plexus Droid Vessels for the project. Madine, hoping to kill two birds with one stone, decided to send a SpecOps team to both investigate the claims and discover whether the new "Tigress" was a double-agent. Anticipating a Rebel investigation of the shipyards, Comark left her personal R2 droid, R2-B4, to greet the team and help them investigate the modified droid vessels. The droid was also programmed to lead them to Bescane where they would be put in contact with Cooper Dray, another Rebel spy.[1]

While the SpecOps team was busy following the trail that Comark had left for them, Comark left for Bescane to speak with Cooper Dray. Meeting up in the Arcade Omicron cantina in the city of Lumchugger's Hub, Comark informed her contact that a SpecOps team would be arriving to solicit his help. When Dray saw the Rebels enter the cantina, he dismissed "Tigress" to speak with the Rebels. Comark watched from the shadows and was shocked when the group was attacked by Bescane officials who took Dray captive. Comark expected Dray to be turned over to her father, as he fit the description of the Humans being kidnapped. Comark informed the Rebel team that she had followed the path of ships ferrying kidnapped humans to the Wastes but had not been able to pinpoint specifically where they had been taken or why. In order to enter the Wastes and investigate, Comark informed the group that they would need to procure permits from the Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority. Due to the need for urgency, the group decided to obtain forged permits, using a counterfeiter known as "Lucky" Ordomire.[1]


"The Rebellion has no quarrel with your mode of business. We need your services and we are in a hurry. Cooper Dray has been kidnapped by my father. We need to get to the Wastes."
―Amber Comark[1]

The Rebel group, aided by Dray's swoop gang, Cooper's Swoopers, were able to locate Ordomire, but he was unwilling to help them. Comark reminded Ordomire that he was lucky that they represented the Rebellion and not the Empire. She was able to bribe him into helping him with her brooch, offering the valuable heirloom as payment for the forged documents. Upon the completion of the forgeries, however, Ordomire's warehouse was invaded by Imperial forces.[1]

Imperial stormtroopers, lead by a fearsome cyborg, opened fire on the Rebels, causing the group to scatter. Comark was pinpointed by the cyborg, who trained his turbocannon at her. However, the cyborg fired at the combustible products surrounding her, causing an explosion which knocked the woman unconscious. With the Rebels attempting to fight off the stormtroopers, the cyborg was free to grab Comark and escape unopposed from Ordomire's warehouse. The cyborg, the final product of her father's Death-Hunter project, brought her to an Imperial shuttle and quickly left Bescane for the Wastes. The shuttle eventually arrived at Zeta 0-9, the home of an underwater base that was the center of the Death-Hunter project. Comark's Rebel allies were able to follow the fleeing shuttle's ion trail, arriving on the world where they were immediately captured.[1]

Escape and defection[]

"Amber! What are you doing? I told you to remain in your quarters!"
"I'm sorry, Father, I can't watch you enslave others for your Emperor! Not anymore!"
―Amber turns on her father[1]

Amber Comark and the rebels flee the underwater base in a torpedo attack carrier.

Upon arrival at the underwater base, Comark had her arm bandaged, after it had been injured during the encounter with the cyborg. She was brought before her father, who had learned of her Rebel activities. Frustrated at his daughter, he ordered her to go to her personal quarters and stay there while he continued work on his project. Comark, however, had grown exasperated with the Imperials. Ignoring her father's orders, she left her quarters and infiltrated the facility's detention center. While there, she freed most of the prisoners, leading to a revolt. As she continued her sabotage, Comark noticed her father interrogating the SpecOps team that had followed her to Zeta 0-9. When the Imperial Moff ordered one of his Death-Hunter cyborgs to execute the team, she decided to intervene. To the shock of her father, she stopped the Death-Hunter Cyborg, rescued the Rebels and attacked her father's forces. In rapid succession, the tide turned against her father and the Rebels escaped with Cooper Dray, who had been brought to the facility to be transformed into a cyborg, to the station's docking bay. The Rebels were stranded on the world due to the planet's electromagnetic storms, which wreaked havoc with their ship's technology. Comark informed the group that they had the ability to steal a disrupter box from one of the ships in the docking bay, which would counteract the planet's effects.[1]

With the disrupter box in tow, the group commandeered a torpedo attack carrier from the docking bay and fled the station. At Dray's suggestion, they fired concussion missiles at the underwater base as they fled. The resulting explosion compromised the structure of the facility, causing it to explode just as the Rebel's reached the surface. With the Imperials left to deal with the wreckage, Comark and her Rebel companions left the world in their ship. As the group returned to their Rebel base, Comark sat apart from the group, reflecting on the apparent death of her father. Although her cover as a Rebel spy was now destroyed, Comark believed that she would be able to help the Alliance in other ways, and she resolved to officially join the Alliance.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"May the Force be with all of us, General."
―Amber Comark[1]

In her early life, Amber Comark was a shallow individual who took full advantage of the benefits of her high position and connection with an influential family. She attended high profile events hosted by influential Imperials and even partook of high-quality spice. Comark was known for her sense of style, and she wore elaborate gowns and jewelry during her public appearances, including a brooch that was adorned with her family's crest. Despite this, Comark was known to frequent the Imperial Archives, making good friends with one of the librarians there. However, this superficial lifestyle came to an end after the death of her librarian friend, who was revealed to be a Rebel spy. Comark decided to follow in her friend's footsteps, becoming a spy for Alliance Intelligence.[1]

As a Rebel spy, Comark was not as talented as her friend, drawing the attention of General Crix Madine, who believed her to be a double-agent. Nonetheless, she made up for her lack of talent with persistence, filing continual reports and pleading with her superiors to follow up on her findings. In her role as a spy, Comark carried a hold-out blaster and hid her appearance with a dark cloak. She tried to stay prepared, as she carried a medpac and 7,500 credits during her travels to Bescane. It was this persistence and preparation that caused the Rebellion to discover and neutralize Operation Death-Hunter, removing a potential threat. During the mission, Comark's father Jesco appeared to have been killed, depressing the Rebel spy. She had not wanted her father to die, and only hoped that he would understand why she had turned against the Empire. Despite this, Comark continued to serve with the Rebels, leaving her life of privilege to work with a cause she believed in.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Amber Comark was created by Tony Russo and first appeared in the role-playing scenario Death-Hunter, published in the ninth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal in February 1996. She was later given a brief mention in the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook in the short narrative An Old Flame in Need... by Peter Schweighofer. In this mention, she was shown to be a spice addict, as she solicited Wendell Wright-Sims to deliver her a package of the addictive substance.


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