"You two—go to the main database computer. Omega order five, and watch out for the Rebels. Then meet me at the Ambition."
―Moff Kentor Sarne directs his troops during his evacuation of Kal'Shebbol[1]

The Ambition was a Carrack-class light cruiser in service to the Imperial Navy. In 4 ABY, the ship became part of Moff Kentor Sarne's military forces when he removed the Kathol sector from the authority of the Galactic Empire, setting himself up as an independent warlord. By 8 ABY, the Ambition was maintained in a secret underground hangar on the sector capital of Kal'Shebbol for use as an escape craft for the Moff in case the planet fell to enemy forces. When New Republic forces assaulted Kal'Shebbol in 8 ABY, Sarne used the Ambition to flee the planet and join up with the rest of his military forces.


The Ambition was a Carrack-class light cruiser[1] constructed by the Damorian Manufacturing Corporation.[1][2] While some Carrack-class vessels carried up to five TIE Series starfighters on an external rack,[2] the Ambition did not.[1]


The Ambition was a vessel in the Imperial Navy that became part of the military forces of Moff Kentor Sarne—ruler of the Kathol sector—when he broke away from the Galactic Empire following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY. By 8 ABY, the Carrack-class vessel was docked in a secret underground hangar on the planet of Kal'Shebbol, the capital of the Kathol sector. The hangar had been excavated from one of the hills surrounding the planet's Imperial Government Complex, and the Ambition had been sealed in. A secret tunnel connected the hangar to the government buildings, with access points in Sarne's personal quarters and office. Sarne crewed the Ambition with his best and most loyal officers and soldiers, with the intent of using the vessel as an escape vehicle in case Kal'Shebbol was ever attacked by an enemy force.[1]

When New Republic forces attacked Kal'Shebbol in 8 ABY, Sarne knew that he would lose control of the planet. Ordering the Ambition to be prepped and readied for departure, Sarne abandoned the command center from where he was directing the defense of the planet and ordered several of his stormtroopers to escort him to the vessel. Along the way, they retrieved a chest full of DarkStryder artifacts that the Moff kept in his quarters. En route to the Ambition, Sarne and his guards were attacked by New Republic soldiers from Page's Commandos, who had infiltrated the facility to lower the defensive shields protecting the planet. Sarne managed to temporarily incapacitate them with a piece of DarkStryder technology known as a Mindwarper module and reached the Ambition.[1]

As the New Republic commandos recovered and began firing on the vessel, the Ambition lifted off. The roof of the hangar was blown open to allow the craft to ascend into orbit, joining the rest of Sarne's forces fighting against the New Republic fleet.[1] Sarne quickly marshaled his forces and retreated from Kal'Shebbol without leaving a hyperspace vector for the New Republic forces to follow.[3] At some point after fleeing Kal'Shebbol, Sarne transferred his flag off the Ambition, overseeing his forces from the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Bastion.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Ambition was featured in the short story The Saga Begins, written by Timothy Zahn and published in The DarkStryder Campaign in 1995. The story served as a lead in to the roleplaying game series of the same name.


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