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"A Sith Lord still lives. He killed five Jedi on Tython. He is now on Ambria, under the care of a healer name Caleb. He is badly injured and helpless."
―Zannah's message to the Jedi[src]

A Jedi strike team was formed in response to a message received by the Jedi Order in 990 BBY, informing them of the presence of a grievously injured Sith Lord on the planet of Ambria.


Led by the Twi'lek Jedi Master Tho'natu, the strike team of five other Jedi Masters and eight Jedi Knights traveled to Ambria aboard the Jedi cruiser Light of Truth. There, they found the mutilated corpse of the healer Caleb, who was mentioned in the message. Outside of Caleb's hut, Tho'natu announced their presence, claiming that they had come to help. However, they were abruptly attacked by the former Padawan Darovit. Tho'natu and the rest of the team quickly overwhelmed and killed Darovit, who Tho'natu observed fought with recently fallen Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla's lightsaber, and was also missing a hand. Mistakenly believing Darovit to be the injured Sith Lord that they had been told of, they took Caleb's remains back to Coruscant for a proper funeral, believing the Sith to be exterminated.

Unbeknownst to the strike team, however, Darth Zannah had sent the message as part of a deal to get Caleb to heal her Master, Darth Bane, who had been grievously injured during his recent duel on Tython. As soon as her Master had been healed, however, Zannah had killed Caleb and driven Darovit insane, so that he would attack the Jedi when they arrived. Meanwhile, she had hidden herself and her Master in a trapdoor in Caleb's hut, allowing them to escape from the Jedi and ensuring the survival of the Sith to remain a secret.


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