The ambush at Alderaan in 7 ABY saw the forces of Warlord Zsinj destroy a New Republic bacta convoy in the Graveyard.

Tipped off by Ysanne Isard, Zsinj took his Executor-class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist and an escort, the Strike-class medium cruiser Termagant, to the Graveyard of Alderaan, to intercept the convoy which was awaiting an escort by Rogue Squadron. Unknown to Isard, her ambitious subordinate Kirtan Loor had sent a dozen X-wings in Rogue Squadron colors to capture the convoy and enrich himself with the immensely valuable bacta. Eager for revenge against the Rogues, Zsinj destroyed Loor's squadron and wiped out all the ships in the convoy other than the Pulsar Skate, which had secretly slipped away to the Alderaan Biotics facility on Borleias.

Just as the Iron Fist jumped to hyperspace, the genuine Rogue Squadron, led by Wedge Antilles arrived and found the convoy wiped out. The Rogues quickly targeted the Termagant with a proton torpedo salvo aimed at one of its modular connection points. This weak spot in the cruiser's hull allowed the twenty-two torpedoes to destroy it, and the Rogues moved on to the two squadrons of TIE fighters. Most of the TIEs were shot down by the Rogues, and the remaining fighters fled into the Graveyard, presumably hoping that Zsinj would return to retrieve them. Two Lambda-class shuttles which had observed the battle quickly escaped to hyperspace, and the Rogues were left to return to Coruscant without the much-needed supply of bacta.

As a result of the battle, the Provisional Council soon authorized a task force under General Han Solo with one single objective: eliminate the Iron Fist.


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