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"Talon Squad is gone."
"What do you mean, gone?"
"Wiped out. Ambush. Everyone is dead except Lieutenant Donos."
Wedge Antilles and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian[src]

The Ambush at Gravan Seven was an event during the Galactic Civil War; where forces of Warlord Zsinj ambushed and nearly wiped out Talon Squadron, a New Republic X-wing starfighter squadron.


Using the alias Chyan Mezzine, Imperial Intelligence agent Gara Petothel infiltrated the New Republic Defense Force Fleet Command by posing as a New Republic Intelligence Service operative and code slicer. Aboard the New Republic frigate Mother Sea, she implanted false data about the Gravan system having been secured by the New Republic. She also sent numerous information to Admiral Apwar Trigit; which included data regarding the recently formed Talon Squadron. This allowed Trigit to set up an ambush.

The AmbushEdit

"Talon Leader to Talon Eight, any change?"
"No, sir. He's not broadcasting. As far as I can tell, he's not homing in on any sort of a signal. And I'm still not picking up any engine emissions, other than his or ours, on the scanners.""
Myn Donos and Talon Eight on the TIE Interceptor[src]

Following what seemed like a lone TIE Interceptor with no hyperspace-capable ship in the area, the Talons found themselves being led to a shooting gallery with over three dozen TIE starfighters on Gravan Seven. Only Brevet Captain Myn Donos and Talon Twelve survived the initial volley of laser fire. A short dogfight then ensued where Donos and Talon twelve were pursued by a dozen TIE fighters each. Donos managed to shoot down three of his opponents while Talon Twelve experienced some minor damage on her X-wing. It was when the lone TIE Interceptor that led them into the trap appeared once more. Flying up close, Donos learned that it was a member of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. The Interceptor pilot tried to get a targeting lock on Talon Twelve as Donos quickly tried to get behind. Both of them fired simultaneously, with Donos's shot forcing the Interceptor to leave the engagement with damaged engines; while the Interceptor's shots caused the Talon Twelve's X-wing to disintegrate. Talon Twelve's canopy prevented her from ejecting successfully from her downed craft. She was unconscious when her ejection seat finally slammed her into a rift wall on the planet. With his whole squadron dead, Donos thought of dying as well but decided that the families of his squadron needed to know how they died. He managed to survive the encounter and report back to his superiors.


"I've just read the report from your last transmission. I wanted to congratulate you on the destruction of Talon Squadron."
"Thank you. The code-slicer who planted the false information about the security of the Gravan system later reported that they have decommissioned Talon Squadron entirely.""
Warlord Zsinj and Admiral Apwar Trigit[src]

After the successful ambush, Gara Petothel left her post and was assigned by Trigit to be his data analyst aboard the Implacable. New Republic Intelligence discovered her true identity as an Imperial Intelligence agent and began posting bulletins about her. Talon Squadron was decommissioned and Myn Donos suffered severe trauma from the ordeal. Training simulations based on ambush were created to prevent it from happening to other squadrons.



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