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The Third Battle of Goff was an ambush set up by the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty and the Rebel forces of the Airam sector.

The BattleEdit

The battle began shortly after the Calamari Cruiser Liberty arrived at the set coordinates in the Goff system; Imperial-class Star Destroyers Conqueror and Nemesis were in hot pursuit, with the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Compellor in tow.

Rogue Squadron immediately engaged the starfighters launched by the two Star Destroyers and prevented any possible bomber attack against the Liberty while Green Squadron powered up its engines to engage the capital ships. Meanwhile the Compellor powered up its gravity well projectors, preventing the Rebel forces from jumping to hyperspace.

With this in mind, commander of the Liberty ordered Green Squadron to attack the interdictor. After several proton torpedo hits, the interdictor's shields collapsed, forcing it to retreat from the battle. Green Squadron then turned on the Star Destroyers and brought down their shields as well. At some point during the melee, the light Calamari Cruiser Condor entered the fray and added its own firepower to the Liberty's own. Eventually, the Rebel fighters were able to disable the Star Destroyers with ion cannons and finish them off.


The Battle of Goff was a comparatively easy victory for the Alliance despite the fact that they were up against two Star Destroyers with only one Calamari Cruiser and its complement of fighters. The victory also helped to build morale after the withdrawal from Gelgelar.

The loss of half of Task Force Vengeance's four initial Star Destroyers greatly crippled the Imperial's projection of force in the sector. Furthermore it let Alliance High Command realize the threat that interdictors such as Compellor posed and eventually settled on a plan to capture the technology for their own use.


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