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In 18 BBY an ambush occurred on the Twins when the starship Far Ranger, boarded by Jax Pavan, Laranth Tarak, Den Dhur and I-5YQ transport Thi Xon Yimmon, Cerean leader of the Whiplash resistance movement. They were en route to Dantooine, where Yimmon will be safe from the attacks that had taken place on Coruscant. Jax Pavan decided to pilot the ship between the difficult Twins (star system) to foil the Imperial Navy patrols. However near the Twins stars the Far Ranger was ambushed by the 501st Legion guided by Darth Vader and Darth Vader and several stormtroopers boarded the dying ship during the battle; Laranth sacrificed herself against Vader to gain time to the others to escape but Yimmon was taken and I-Five was nearly destroyed. Vader leaved with the Cerean, believing the fate of the survivors sealed, but Jax and Den leaved with an escape pod, with I-Five's remains and the Miisai tree that Laranth once gave to Jax. They were picked up by an escort of the Antarian Rangers and returned to Topraw.

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