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"It is dangerous for more than one Jedi to gather in a single place these days."
―Ahn Rasi Tuum, just prior to the ambush[3]

In 137 ABY, five members of the One Sith ambushed a gathering of four Jedi on the planet Daluuj. The Jedi Order had been scattered throughout the galaxy following the devastation of their ranks by the Sith seven years prior, and the Sith Lord Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire had been hunting down survivors in the time since. Jedi Master Wolf Sazen believed that his wayward former Padawan, Cade Skywalker—heir to the legacy of the legendary Skywalker family—was the only one who could lead a unified Jedi resistance against the Sith, and he accordingly arranged to meet with three other Jedi on Daluuj in order to request their help in locating Skywalker.

Sazen, Master Ahn Rasi Tuum, Jedi Knight Shado Vao, and a female Human Jedi gathered on a bridge on Daluuj's surface, where Sazen outlined his beliefs to his colleagues, all the while unaware that a group of Sith was watching them from the shadows. The Sith soon attacked and quickly killed both Tuum and the Human female, but Sazen and Vao fought back. Lightsaber strikes, telekinesis, and firm kicks allowed them to slay all five of their opponents. The attack prompted Vao to admit that he no longer wished to hide from the Sith, and he thus agreed to join in Sazen's quest to locate Skywalker. The two left the scene to begin their hunt and soon after found their quarry on the planet Vendaxa.


"I promise you this. If you live, I will find you, Cade Skywalker."
―Wolf Sazen, after the Massacre of Ossus[1]

In 130 ABY, the Galactic Empire and its Sith allies staged a two-front attack on the Jedi Order, laying siege to the Jedi Temples on the planets Coruscant and Ossus. The Human Jedi Master Kol Skywalker was among the many Jedi killed, and his son Cade was also believed to have perished. However, Cade's Master—the Zabrak Wolf Sazen—was skeptical, having not felt the younger Skywalker's death in the Force. As he fled from Ossus in a shuttle, Sazen vowed to track his Padawan down.[1]

Shortly thereafter, the Sith Lord Darth Krayt seized control of the galaxy, and his new Empire spent seven years actively hunting down surviving Jedi.[7] Scattered throughout the galaxy,[1] the Jedi Order was unable to mount a unified resistance.[3] After receiving a Force vision,[7] Sazen believed that Cade Skywalker—a member of the legendary Skywalker family—was the only person under whom the Jedi could rally together to oppose the Sith. In 137 ABY, as the Second Imperial Civil War raged across the galaxy, Sazen listened to the Force and concluded that the time was right to gather Jedi together and begin searching for his former pupil.[3]

The ambush[]

―A female Human Jedi and Wolf Sazen, reacting to Ahn Rasi Tuum's death[3]
Sazen fighting on Daluuj

Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao finish off their opponents.

Sazen was able to locate two Jedi: a Human female and the Twi'lek Shado Vao, both of whom he arranged to meet with on the planet Daluuj.[3] Vao in turn contacted the Cathar Master[8] Ahn Rasi Tuum,[6] who also agreed to attend the gathering.[8] When Sazen arrived at the rendezvous point—a bridge lined with the severed heads of droids mounted on spears—he found his three brethren waiting for him. Unbeknownst to any of them, the Jedi had been tracked to the bridge by a group of Sith, who observed their meeting from the shadows.[3]

With Sazen now present, Vao surmised that the Zabrak wished to begin hunting for Skywalker, and Tuum voiced his belief that Sazen's former Padawan was dead. Sazen remained firm that Skywalker was alive and explained why he felt that searching for the young Human was necessary. At that moment, the Sith announced their presence by throwing a spear through Tuum's chest,[3] which killed the Cathar[6] and sent him tumbling off of the bridge.[3]

The three remaining Jedi ignited their lightsabers as five Sith leapt into view. Blades clashed as a duel erupted, and a Human Sith warrior cut down the Human Jedi before kicking her off of the bridge. Despite the loss of their comrades, Sazen and Vao were able to kill all five of their opponents via their weapons, well-placed kicks, and exertions of telekinesis. The last two to fall were a Rodian and an Aqualish, who were decapitated by Sazen and bisected at the waist by Vao, respectively. With their foes vanquished, Vao admitted that he was tired of hiding from the Sith and that he wished to become a hunter. He pledged himself to Sazen's quest, and the two walked away from the battlefield to begin searching for Skywalker.[3]


"The Sith won't let us hide. Besides, I'm tired of hiding—of being hunted. I'd rather be the hunter. Might as well start with Cade. Where do we begin?"
―Shado Vao, to Wolf Sazen[3]

Not long afterward, Vao received an emergency holocomm message from his sister Astraal.[9] The holocomm signal she used was one they had developed as children[4] to be broadcast whenever one of them was in danger, in which case they would meet on the planet Vendaxa. Sazen and Vao made their way to the pre-arranged meeting site on Vendaxa's surface, where they found Astraal and her friend Marasiah Fel on the run from Sith agents and in the company of the crew of the pirate vessel Mynock. The ship was captained by none other than Skywalker, who had rejected his Jedi legacy and turned to a life of bounty hunting after the death of his father.[9] Although he was unswayed by appeals that Sazen made to his past, he did pick up a lightsaber[10] and join in a fight against the Sith agents who had pursued Fel and Astraal to Vendaxa.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

The ambush appeared in the second issue of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy. The issue was written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema, and released by Dark Horse Comics[3] on July 12, 2006.[12]



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