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"Vader! Darth Vader! He's alone! We got a bunch of freelancers trying to take him down!"
―A bounty hunter[src]

The Ambush on Dargulli was an attack on Darth Vader which happened at the same time of the Anti-Sith conspiracy of Grand Moff Trachta on Coruscant.

The battleEdit

"He's alone."
"I've never heard of him going out alone..."
"No one's ever had a chance like this."
―Three freelancers[src]

Vader had been lured to Dargulli by rumors of a Jedi Knight operating on the planet. Leaving the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mathayus in orbit, Vader landed on the planet alone with his TIE Advanced x1.

Progressing in the city where the Jedi was hiding, the Sith Lord met local freelancers announced them he was only there to find the Jedi. However he was attacked and later ambushed by a group of bounty hunters bent on making a name for themselves. Among these ones, Boba Fett, who was in a nearby cantina, decided to help Vader instead. With the aid of Fett, Vader eliminated all of his attackers. The bounty hunter advised him afterwards to leave the city quickly before another attack but they were approached by the cause of the rumors, a female Dark Side practitioner who sought to become Vader's Sith apprentice. She offered Vader to help him overthrow the Emperor but the Dark Lord of the Sith refused, killing her with his lightsaber.



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