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The Ambush on Yitheeth was a skirmish between the Jedi and the Yinchorri on the oceanic moon of Yitheeth.


Having evaded enemy Yinchorri fighters, the Jedi's Consular-class cruiser landed on the ocean moon. There, the Aleena Tsui Choi and the Anx Theen Fida had a bath in the surrounding oceans. Having finished doing so, the four Jedi left for a nearby settlement on a speeder provided with the cruiser to continue with their mission of looking for a hidden Yinchorri high command.

The skirmishEdit

Villie Yitheeth

Olmar Grahrk captured by Adi Gallia.

Having arrived, the Jedi planned to pose as traders selling parts for the new T-21 hyper particle exchange chamber, which turned out to be entirely made up by Adi Gallia. Soon, they were under attack by a group of Yinchorr under the Devaronian Olmar Grahrk. However, the Jedi fought back valiantly and defeated their Yinchorri attackers. They then took Grahrk captive, whom told them that the Yinchorri high command was not on Yitheeth. Gallia then decided to leave for nearby Yibikkoror to aid fellow Masters Plo Koon and Micah Giiett, who were also under attack.


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