"I have seen others fight like this... They were monsters too..."
―Darca Nyl[src]

Ament was a male Human who, though normally kind and gentle, was cursed with uncontrollable rage. He murdered many people in his fits. He once escaped from jail with the help of Darca Nyl, who later put him back in prison after learning of his true nature.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Convicted with the murder of thirty-one innocent people, Ament and his sister Jaren were being chased in an isolated part of their planet by a local police force riding swoop bikes. During one of the attacks, Jaren screamed and the hunters' blaster fire was heard by the lost Darca Nyl.

Stunned in the back, Ament failed to protect his sister, but Nyl came to the rescue by scaring off the pursuer. After the battle, Jaren explained that Ament was her bodyguard and that she was a diplomat who was trying to make peace with the biker people. She even invited the Jedi to protect them on their noble quest to return home, to which Darca approved. During the night, the trio were attacked by a huge beast. Darca Nyl failed to protect Jaren, but she was saved by Ament who, in a fit of aggression, killed the beast and maimed it. Seeing the display of cruelty, Darca found out about Ament's past and his transgressions. He arrested Ament and Jaren, and gave them up to the pursuing local police.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • "Nomad" (First appearance)

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