"And I went and told Harvey he was seeing things."

Amikab was a male Bith living during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. He was imprisoned on Belsavis by the Republic, where due to his comparatively low threat he was kept in the Minimum Security Section, near the Prison Administration Center. In 3641 BBY, his fellow prisoner Harvey informed him of seeing the smuggler captain known for besting Nok Drayen, to which Amikab refused to believe. In truth, the Voidhound was indeed on Belsavis, but working with the Republic, not as a prisoner. He approached Amikab trying to reach Cell block 923 where Ivory was being kept, but due to the ongoing riot, the access to that area was blocked by a Scourge gang. Amikab informed the smuggler of a key strategic point that could be hit to disrupt Scourge forces.


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