Amin Galingal was a male Cerean philosopher who lived on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In about 48 BBY, Galingal became became a resident of the Blue Star Centre, a philosophical retreat that was located in the city Gadrin, and he eventually became the center's director, holding the position of lector. He wrote a number of books, essays and poems, which were widely published and became popular among the Tarasin, a sentient species native to Cularin.

Circa 31 BBY, members of a criminal organization known as the Intarsa League entered the Blue Star Centre and took Galingal and the center's other occupants hostage. Galingal became extremely upset and entered a state of terror, forcing the Cerean Gars Croft to take up a leadership role among the hostages. Galingal and the rest of the hostages were eventually rescued by a group of freelance agents, and Galingal subsequently thanked his rescuers and gave them each a blue-colored sash, the symbol of the Blue Star Centre.

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