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Amis was a Human male student who attended the Royal Academy of Government on Mandalore during the Clone Wars.



Amis in class in the Academy

Amis was one of the cadets, along with Korkie, who helped in the discovery of the source of corruption in the Mandalore government. After being instructed by Ahsoka Tano on the dangers of corruption in government, Amis and his friends, led by Korkie, went to explore the warehouse containing the food rations. While there they discovered a black market deal and recorded it. Soon after they were discovered and escaped. After accidentally revealing to Tano what they had done, they went to Duchess Satine Kryze in the hopes she could discover and stop what was going on. However, after telling she would handle it, she warned them not to get involved. This prompted the cadets to contact Prime Minister Almec and inform him of the evidence.

Unknown to the children, Almec was the one behind the black market deals, and attempted to capture the children had it not been for the intervention of Tano. After she analyzed the hologram revealing Almec's involvement, the children with Tano attempted to warn Satine, who had already been captured. After Tano handed over the students under the guise as prisoners, she attempted to discover Satine's location. After Tano was captured, the children were brought to the Satine in the hopes Almec could use them to get Satine to sign a confession of treason. However, Tano and the children managed to stop Almec and aided in his capture and removal from Mandalore's government.[1]


Amis and his friends breaking Duchess Satine out of prison

In 20 BBY, the Shadow Collective took over Mandalore under the leadership of Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul. Amis assisted Korkie Kryze and Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls in rescuing Satine, who had been imprisoned in the Sundari prison. Amis flew a Balutar-class swoop to escort the Duchess as they were pursued by Mandalorian super commandos. They were able to get Satine out of Sundari so that she could send send a message for help to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unfortunately, Satine was recaptured, but Amis and the other students managed to escape the Mandalorian super commandos during the Battle of Sundari.[2]

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Amis was portrayed by voice actor Omid Abtahi.[1]


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