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Amita Fonti[4] was a female Gossam[1] senator that represented the Commerce Guild[3] in the Separatist Senate during the Clone Wars, a conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems.[2] Alongside Speaker Bec Lawise and Senator Voe Atell of the Corporate Alliance, she guided talks in the legislative body.[3] In the year 21 BBY,[5] Fonti was present on the Separatist capital planet of Raxus Secundus during Senator Mina Bonteri's proposal to open peace talks with the Republic.[2] In 20 BBY,[6] she, Atell, and Lawise participated in a peace conference with Republic representatives on the neutral world of Mandalore, though the negotiations ultimately collapsed.[7]

Like other corporate-allied senators in the Seperatist Senate, Fonti had little interest in peace.[3] She light blue skin and blue eyes[2] and wore a set of four golden neck rings[7] and a brown cap, as well as a long red, white, and black gown on Raxus[2] and a nearly identical one on Mandalore that swapped the red for blue.[7]

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Amita Fonti first appeared, albeit unidentified, in "Heroes on Both Sides," the tenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' third season,[2] which originally aired on November 19, 2010.[8] She was later identified in the episode guide for "Heroes on Both Sides" available on, though it did not specify which Gossam was Fonti.[4] A Gossam senator[7] later confirmed to be Fonti herself[9] appeared in "A Friend in Need," the fourteenth episode of The Clone Wars' fourth season,[7] which originally aired on January 13, 2012.[10] Her model was later retextured as a Gossam vendor[1] for use in "The Disappeared, Part II," the ninth episode of The Clone Wars' sixth season,[11] which originally aired on March 1, 2014.[12]

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