"Amm, I would have requested this in person if not for the evacuation…You know the supply problems we are facing. Our fleet needs that gas. We have every faith in you."
―An extract of General Carlist Rieekan's datapad message[2]

Amm Natejeka was a Human female Rebel Alliance Fleet captain and the commanding officer of the GR-75 medium transport Treasure Trove, stationed at the Alliance High Command headquarters of Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth by 3 ABY. In the desperation of the Rebel evacuation during the Battle of Hoth, General Carlist Rieekan tasked Natejeka with procuring a badly needed cargo of blaster gas from the nearby Cloud City black market for delivery to the Alliance Fleet at its predetermined rendezvous point beyond the Galactic Rim. Natejeka never escaped from the Hoth system, however. The Treasure Trove was badly damaged and lost among the Hoth asteroid field during its blockade run through the line of Imperial-class Star Destroyers in Hoth's orbit. Natejeka died aboard her transport, although a team of Rebel agents successfully acquired the blaster gas, completing her mission.


Captain Amm Natejeka was a Human female serving the Rebel Alliance Fleet during the Galactic Civil War.[2] By 3 ABY,[1] Natejeka was the commanding officer of the GR-75 medium transport Treasure Trove, one of[2] thirty Rebel GR-75 transports[3] assigned to Echo Base, the Alliance High Command headquarters on the ice planet Hoth.[2]

Amidst the haste of the Rebel evacuation during the Battle of Hoth of 3 ABY,[1] Echo Base commander General Carlist Rieekan ordered Natejeka via datapad message to take the Treasure Trove to the nearby Bespin system to establish contact with the black market of the Cloud City mining colony in order to procure a much needed cargo of spin-sealed Tibanna gas, or blaster gas. She would be required to return with the cargo to the Alliance Fleet's predetermined rendezvous point beyond the rim of the galaxy within five days, where, due to dire supply shortages, the Fleet's ships desperately needed the blaster gas. Indeed, Natejeka's mission was of great importance, for which Rieekan provided her with a Cloud City landing permit and four identi-sealed credit chip cards totaling 12,000 credits to complete.[2]

First, however, Natejeka would need to safely lead the Treasure Trove past the Imperial blockade of Hoth.[2] The Rebel evacuation plan called for two starfighters to escort each escape transport past the waiting line of Imperial-class Star Destroyers under the protective fire of Echo Base's planet-based ion cannon.[4] But the Treasure Trove never made it out of the Hoth system.[2]

Natejeka missed the Treasure Trove's rendezvous mark at the Alliance Fleet by thirty-six standard hours, prompting grave concern from Rieekan, who did not know what had become of the missing transport. The Treasure Trove's starfighter escort did make it to the rendezvous point, however, reporting that Natejeka's transport may have been lost among the Hoth asteroid field. Facing the Fleet's grave supply shortages, Rieekan dispatched a team of Rebel agents to search for signs of the missing Treasure Trove.[2]

The agents discovered the badly crippled Treasure Trove lining the shallow crater of a giant asteroid in the Hoth belt, with sensors indicating a lone lifeform remaining aboard. After boarding the transport's command pod, which glowed only with the dim light of emergency power and suffered from very feint gravity due to a vacuum leak, they found a broken Human form lying in a damaged and still-docked escape pod—Amm Natejeka, the Treasure Trove's sole survivor.[2]

Terror-stricken, Natejeka was dressed in an emergency vacuum suit, though the legging had been torn, and her bloody wound there had frozen. Weakly clutching a blaster pistol and a datapad, which contained Rieekan's message on its screen, Natejeka died from her wounds and exposure to vacuum just as the Rebel agents approached her. They discerned from the datapad's readout her identity and blaster gas procurement mission from Rieekan.[2]

Although Natejeka failed in her mission to supply the Alliance Fleet with the valuable shipment of blaster gas, and while the Treasure Trove became one of[2] seventeen Rebel GR-75 medium transports destroyed during the Battle of Hoth,[3] the Rebel agents picked up where she had left off. They successfully acquired the blaster gas from Cloud City and delivered it to the Rebels' rendezvous point in her stead.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Amm Natejeka served as the captain of the GR-75 medium transport Treasure Trove during the Battle of Hoth, though she failed to safely get her ship past the Imperial blockade of the planet. Aboard her crippled transport, the wounded Natejeka donned a vacc suit in the face of a diminishing oxygen supply and crawled inside of an escape pod. She died with a look of terror on her face while clutching a blaster pistol in her hand.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Amm Natejeka appears only in the 1996 second edition of the West End Games sourcebook Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back as part of a special roleplaying supplement entitled Freedom No More, written by author Pablo Hidalgo. The players of the roleplaying adventure take up Natejeka's mission to deliver blaster gas to the Alliance Fleet, visiting familiar locations such as the Hoth asteroid field and Cloud City in the time frame paralleling the events in the film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[2]


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