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Ammuud was a planet located in the Corporate Sector. It was ruled by seven major clans operating under Corporate Sector Authority subcontract.


Glayyd stronghold

House Glayyd stronghold.

Ammuud was a cold planet with a short rotation located in the Kumasi system of the Corporate Sector.

The people of Ammuud once constructed a large, main spaceport within a well-defended structure adjacent to a snow-capped mountain range. People of all types inhabited the surrounding city, which was composed of wood and stone buildings, slums, and open gutters.


Ammuud was first colonized approximately 10,000 BBY by settlers from Thokos, and each of the seven original colony ships formed the basis of Ammuud's seven clans; the House Glayyd, Reesbon clan, Tikeris clan, Owphrin clan, Melchett clan, Almowri clan, and the Odoon clan. Appointing patriarchs called the Mors the clans fell nevertheless into barbarity over time. Indeed, Ammuud was forgotten by the galaxy, and the clans evolved into quarreling nation-states, continually testing each other in an endless series of savage battles. Circa 100 BBY, the clans called a truce, and formed the Code of Ammuud to govern their future conduct.[2]

The Galactic Republic eventually made contact with the worlds of the region following the blazing of the Hydian Way, when they reached Bonadan. Joining the massive government, the area of space was organized into the Corporate Sector in 490 BBY to free the Republic's lawmakers and the corporate moneymakers from their differences.[4] Ammuud was eventually encompassed into the Corporate Sector but the planet was permitted to keep its traditional laws. Ammuud was later placed under Corporate Sector Authority subcontract.[2]

During one of his early adventures, smuggler Han Solo visited the mountain stronghold of the Mor Glayyd to collect money due him, and encountered the infamous gunman Gallandro.[3] In 10 ABY, the New Republic, reeling from the destruction of their command base on Nespis VIII, scattered its command ships and fighter units across the galaxy. One of them, the fleet transport Vindicator carrying Luke Skywalker and his Jedi trainees, was stationed out beyond the planet Ammuud, providing cover from the Dark Empire.[5]




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