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Amnesia was a mental condition often brought on by a traumatic event that resulted in memory loss of some form or another. The individual affected might remember certain things such as how to perform tasks or speak, but have little or no memory of the personal details of one's life, such as name, occupation, or family. Exposure to sights, sounds or other sensory information containing details from one's past might serve as a trigger to overcome the condition.[1][2]

Following his defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi in lightsaber combat, Darth Maul suffered partial amnesia regarding exactly what had happened in the incident, but still sought revenge on the Jedi.[1]

After the Galactic Republic's forces were defeated by the Separatists on the planet Sarrish, the clone commando CC-5576-39 "Gregor" suffered from amnesia, remembering only his name and forgetting even his status as a clone. He eventually ended up on Abafar, where Borkus took advantage of his condition, giving him a job as a dishwasher at his Power Sliders diner in exchange for room and board. Gregor was eventually able to recover his memory thanks to Colonel Meebur Gascon reminding him of being a soldier.[2]



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