"To end this evening, we will have a recital from the poet-playwright Moobian Tax! Specifically, the grand romance of Amon Daak."
―Tunga Arpagion[src]

Amon Daak was a three-hour-long romance play written by the poet-playwright Moobian Tax, featuring the characters of Arthoni and Panai. While needing to stall for time when posing as the Imperial Moff Tan Hubi at the Moncaladrome, Tunga Arpagion decided to perform Amon Daak with the protocol droid C-3PO. Arpagion took the role of Arthoni, while C-3PO played Panai. Their performance was interrupted midway by stormtroopers, who had been alerted that the Moff was an impersonator.[1]


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