Ampliquen was a terrestrial planet located in the Outer Rim Territories. Located in the Meridian sector, it was found in one of the Chorios systems known also as Ampliquen.


Ampliquen was originally ruled by the Grissmath Dynasty.

Following the Battle of Endor, Ampliquen attempted a trust at peace when the world's government signed a treaty with the Republic world Budpock. In a plot to corrupt the treaty, Seti Ashgad of nearby Nam Chorios instigated several pirate attacks in the system to draw Republic forces away from the worlds of Durren and Nam Chorios so that warlord Dzym could take control. The sight of New Republic war vessels caused the treaty to crumble and Ampliquen was once more independent. Later, investigations into the attacks drew connections with the Loronar Corporation, a thorn in the side of the Republic's attempt to gain support amongst the Outer Rim.[2]

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The planet Ampliquen was created for the novel Planet of Twilight, published in 1997. It was later given coordinates in The Essential Atlas.



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