Amret Engell was a human female who served as a general in the armed forces of the First Order and was also a member of First Order High Command. After Captain Phasma was killed during the attack on the Resistance fleet, Engell took over Phasma's responsibilities and commanded a large portion of General Armitage Hux's stormtrooper training program.[1]

As new planets fell under the control of the First Order, Engell saw it as an opportunity to obtain an abundance of children that she could mold into stormtroopers. When the Sith Eternal revealed itself and offered the Sith Eternal fleet, Engell enthusiastically welcomed the new resources, and joined the successor state of the First Order, the Final Order. Engell admired Supreme Leader Kylo Ren for his initiative and unquestioned authority, and strived to create an army that was worthy of his approval.[1]

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General Engell was played by Diana Kent in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.

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