The Amulet of Kalara was a Sith amulet infused with dark side energies and supposedly had the ability to make the possessor invisible in the Force. As a test by Lumiya, Jedi apprentice Ben Skywalker was tasked with retrieving the amulet from the collection of art and artifacts found in Lando Calrissian's Tendrando Arms facility on Drewwa, a moon of Almania. However, before Ben got to it, the amulet had been stolen by Faskus Olvidan of Ziost. Ben successfully retrieved the artifact and brought it to Jacen Solo along with a Sith Meditation Sphere. The amulet was constructed sometime around 1960 BBY, two thousand standard years before it was recovered by Ben. When felt with the Force, it radiated a malicious glee.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although Ben could feel dark energy from the Amulet of Kalara, its exact purpose and powers, if any, are questionable. Sue Rostoni stated that "[t]he amulet, itself, was not that meaningful," and we are unlikely to see it again.[1]



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