An Ewok Adventure is a comic strip/coloring book published by Golden Books in 1997. It adapts the scene from Return of the Jedi of the Endor strike team's capture by the Ewoks during the Battle of Endor. The book was penciled and inked by artist Guy Dorian.

In 2012, the comic was reprinted in Omnibus: Droids and Ewoks.

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  1. New York Comic Book Marketplace — Guy Dorian. New York Comic Book Marketplace. NYCBM, Combox Inc. Retrieved on April 24, 2015. "Some of [Dorian's] works include, WWF toy designs, Hercules and Zena [sic] watch designs, character development for the 'Silver Surfer' cartoon series, WWF trading cards, 'STAR WARS' Comics to Color' and the list goes on."

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